Visakhapatnam: In a big relief to consumers, the retail power tariff remains unchanged in Andhra Pradesh for 2021-22.

The domestic consumers will no longer give minimum charges rather pay Rs 10 per KW.

Approving the retail supply tariff Order for 2021-2022, the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Chairman CV Nagrjuna Reddy on Wednesday announced the new tariff that will come into effect from April 1.

The Commission has accepted the proposal of the DISCOMs to collect Rs.10/kW/month from the domestic consumers in lieu of minimum charges. This decision of the Commission will benefit all the domestic consumers who do not consume energy in any given month.

The power tariff for the commercial and industrial sector also remains unchanged.

Relief for apartment dwellers, function halls

The proposal of the DISCOMs to bill apartment consumers under a single point HT (high tension) connection was rejected by the commission as it was creating problems for the middle-class dwellers.

The proposal of the DISCOMs to remove fixed charges (Rs.100/kW/month) for the function halls have also been accepted.

Poultry, aqua hatcheries feed come under Industry General Category

The proposal of the DISCOMs to merge aqua hatcheries & aqua feed mixing plants and poultry hatcheries & poultry feed mixing plants in the industry general category was also accepted.

These consumers used to be billed under the industrial category up to FY 2018-19. Though they have been merged in the industrial category, they are exempted from paying ToD peak and off-peak charges. However, LT captive feed mixing plants of Poultry Farms, Pisciculture, Prawn Culture, and Dairy Farms having independent connections and under the exemption from GST are allowed to pay a tariff of Rs.5.25/unit and demand charges Rs.75 per kW.

The proposal of the DISCOMs to withdraw the load factor incentive scheme to Industrial (General)-HT consumers, was accepted in view of the shortage of power estimated by the Commission in certain months during FY 2021-22.

Rice millers to be billed under LT tariff till 150 HP

Existing Rice Millers and Pulverisers, which could not exercise the option on or before June 30, 2020, and also those which came into existence from July 1, 2020, have been given one more opportunity (option can be exercised on or before June 30, 2021) to avail the benefit of getting billed under LT Tariffs up to a connected load of 150 HP against the present limit of 100 HP, with certain conditions.

Promoting electric vehicles

To promote the usage of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles for transport, the Commission has continued the tariff for the electric Vehicles at a reasonable level of Rs.6.70 per unit. The DISCOMs are however entitled to recover only 90 percent of this tariff from the charging stations in order to keep electricity at an affordable price to the EV owners.

Subsidy for SC, ST, BPL class of consumers to continue

The state government has also agreed to bear a subsidy of Rs.1,657.56 Crores arising due to the concessional tariff/free power extended to the various class of consumers:

Free power up to 200 units/month to the consumers in SC & ST colonies/thandas; Free power up to 150 units per month to the laundries run by BPL rajaka community; free power up to 100 units per month to the BPL MBC community, free power up to 100 units per month to the BPL professional goldsmiths; free power up to 150 units per month to the BPL Nayee brahmin community, free power up to 100 units per month to handloom weavers.

The above categories are brought under the direct subsidy under Section 65 of the Electricity Act, 2003 for the first time in terms of Government of India policy and as requested by the state government.

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