Hyderabad: AICC National Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju on Wednesday slammed CM KCR for allegedly using TNGOs to rig Nagarjuna Sagar by-poll.

TNGOs are the government officers who will be assigned various polling duties during the Nagarjuna Sagar election. Dr. Sravan Dasoju suspected a possible mass rigging by TNGOs in favor of the TRS Party's candidate.

"Telangana CM is preparing to defeat Jana Reddy, the stalwart who convinced Sonia Gandhi to grant separate Telangana state," he said.

Dr. Sravan appealed to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Telangana Shashank Goel to ensure a fair and free election by taking serious actions against the rule-breakers who are ridiculing the constitution by following illegal election practices.

"KCR has resorted to mass manipulation activities and even using TNGOs to campaign for the TRS Candidate which is unethical and unacceptable. Fearing defeat, Chief Minister is organizing a second public meeting on April 14 at Halia violating the Covid-19 regulations. He has already deployed his locust army comprising MLAs, Ministers, and TRS party leaders who are camping in Nagarjuna Sagar for the last 40 days. The rowdy locust army has started manipulating voters by distributing hundreds of crores and lakhs of cases of liquor apart from other illegal activities," he said.

Moreover, he said TNGOs have openly declared that they will support the TRS party. "They have literally become the puppets of KCR who have been chanting his mantras in each and every election", Dr. Sravan said.

He submitted a memorandum to the election observer Sajjan Singh Chauhan, who is incidentally staying at Vijay Vihar, where TNGOs organized a meeting violating the election code, along with former MLA Eravath Anil Kumar, TPCC Secretary Rohan Reddy.

Dr. Sravan also alleged that the CEO Shashank Goel didn't conduct the recent MLC elections in a proper manner and allowed illegal activities by the ruling party in Nagarjuna Sagar as well. "You are an IAS officer and the custodian of the constitution. You must remember that you are not a slave of KCR. You cannot allow unethical and illegal election practices. So, I appeal to you to curtail those election code violations and ensure fair and free election in Nagarjuna Sagar", he said

While expressing confidence over Jana Reddy's victory, Dr Sravan said that the 'Beer and Biryani' politics cannot ensure a win for KCR and the ruling TRS. He warned the Chief Minister to stop farce and manipulative politics in Telangana and asked him to respect Jana Reddy for his immense contribution towards achieving separate Telangana.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sravan visited Rajashekhar's family and assured them that the Congress party will support them in every possible manner. Rajashekhar was a private school teacher who had committed suicide after losing his job due to the pandemic.

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