Naidu calls for TDP virtual protests on 8 May to pressure state for COVID vaccines

TDP leaders to step-up pressure on the YSRC government to provide COVID vaccines to all sections of people immediately.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 May 2021 2:37 PM GMT
TDP COVID vaccines

Amaravati: TDP national president and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday called upon his party cadre and leaders to step-up pressure on the YSRC government to provide COVID vaccines to all sections of people immediately.

Addressing the party general body meeting, the TDP chief underscored the fact that it is the duty of the elected government to rescue people in such a situation. Naidu appealed to the party activists to take part in virtual demonstrations from their homes on 8 May to protest against the 'utter negligence and indifference of the Jagan Reddy regime'. The agitators should display placards and give the call for 'Give Vaccine - Save Lives' to open the eyes of the heartless rulers, he said.

Naidu said that, under the guise of 'Nadu - Nedu' scheme, the ruling party has resorted to corruption. Naidu deplored that under the rule of criminals, people are suffering from all types of unforeseen problems and hardships. He said that the general public are indeed facing a life and death situation due to the absence of support from the government and many, including prominent leaders like Sabbam Hari have lost their lives in the fight against COVID.

Expressing concern over the government's attitude, Naidu said their party leader Atchannaidu caught COVID after he was arrested. "Dhulipalla Narendra also got the infection while he was under arrest. This is nothing but madness. Would the chief minister take responsibility for this? This government has failed on all fronts and Andhra Pradesh is literally on the verge of burning as a whole," Naidu said.

Naidu claimed that Jagan did not review the COVID preparedness and preventive measures even for a day after the pandemic broke out, and now is helpless after the virus started wreaking havoc everywhere. Over 8,374 people died due to COVID-19 in AP till now. About 12.06 lakh got infected. Many patients were dying due to a lack of oxygen supply. No beds were available in the hospitals. Some people were committing suicide from the fear of the epidemic, he said.

The TDP chief asserted that nothing would be more important than protecting the lives of the people in the face of rapidly spreading infection. Unfortunately, the state government is only focused on providing vaccines to persons above 45 years of age. It is the responsibility of the state government to give vaccines to all in the 18 to 45 years age group, but the Cabinet has approved the purchase of just 13 lakh doses by spending Rs 45 crore only, he said.

Naidu said that every day 20,000 cases and above are getting reported in the state and the positivity rate in AP has increased to over and above 25 per cent, and yet there is no mechanism for the people to seek help from the government. The call centre and the RTGS set up by the TDP regime were taken down and nobody in the present government is able to say clearly how many beds are available and how much oxygen is accessible.

Naidu said that the YSRC government had spent Rs 3,000 crore for painting public buildings with party colours but is not ready to spend Rs 1,600 crore on vaccines for the public. Jagan is only spending his time speaking lies, he said.

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