Vijayawada: YSRCP MP Nandigama Suresh on Monday lashed out against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and said he has been trying to give a Dalit colour to the Amaravati agitation being carried out by his benamis to safeguard his personal interests.

Speaking to the media here on Monday, Mr. Suresh said the social status of the women who took part in Amaravati agitation is well known but Mr. Naidu is falsely claiming that they are Dalits.

He said that everyone in that group is either millionaires or Babu's benamis. He stated that what Mr. Naidu was doing in the name of Amravati was not a movement but a selfish campaign to safeguard his personal interests.

Alleging that Mr. Naidu is trying to keep Dalits in the forefront of the agitation, the MP said it was a ploy to use them as tools in agitations rather than truly fighting for them. He recalled that it was Mr. Naidu who went to court opposing the distribution of house sites for the Dalits in the Amaravati region, citing demographic imbalance and claiming they could turn the capital into slums.

He added that when Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy wanted the poor to get English-medium education, it was Mr. Naidu who opposed the move as he does not want the weaker sections to have such privileges. Chandrababu is not staying in Amaravati but is still taking up such agitations to lure people, he alleged.

Stating that it was the TDP leader who had played with the lives of Amaravati farmers, he said that Chandrababu was bent on opposing everything that Chief Minister Jagan was doing for the weaker sections as he felt that the Chief Minister has been correcting Chandrababu's mistakes and paving way for a better state. He said that the Chief Minister has reiterated that he intends to set up capitals in the three areas that were severely neglected by the Chandrababu government.

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