Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday accused the opposition of trying to create unrest in the state.

"Idols are being destroyed, temple chariots are being burnt, welfare schemes are being obstructed, and rifts between castes are being created. Education of poor children is being hindered by trying to stop English medium in government schools. All this is being done so that they could come to power", Jagan said without naming TDP.

He flayed a section of the media for spreading lies and distortions. "Finally, they are even resorting to abusing the Chief Minister using vulgar and abusive words", he said

The Chief Minister said the opposition leaders had gone to the extent of using vulgar words against him. He accused the opposition parties of trying to defame the state out of vengeance. "Is it justified to create unrest in the State? The people have voted for the ruling party and won all the Municipal elections because of our good work. Just because they have not won, they are conspiring against the state," he said.

Jagan said they are trying to brand the youth of Andhra Pradesh as drug addicts and it is the most serious crime. He said the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Andhra Pradesh DGP, and Vijayawada Police Commissioner had already clarified that the state had no links with drug cases. "Yet some vested interests were publicizing only to conspire against the state government," he said.

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