Vijayawada: More than Rs 1500 crore are riding on the cockfights across Andhra Pradesh. Last year, Rs 1,000 crore were placed as bets on Sankranti cockfights. This year the public participation is going to increase after politicos chipped in to organize cockfights.

Punters in East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur, and Prakasam districts are gearing up for cock fights despite repeated warnings by the police. Deadly cockfights in which sharp knives are tied to the legs of cocks are being organized with the help of politicians. Further, card games and gambling are also being organized near cockfight venues.

The largest ring is coming up in Pallamkurru in Konaseema (East Godavari). The biggest stage similar to the mini-stadium is being readied for the bloodied fight.

Arrangements have been made in 20 acres of coconut plantation where tents, lighting, chairs, and costly sofas have been placed to accommodate visitors.

The digital screens have also been set up at the site. Rings are being readied at Kamangaruvu, Godi Lanka, Allavaram Sakhinetipalli Lanka, Godi Lanka, Geddanapalli, Allavaram, Konkapalli, Indupalli, Kamanagaruvu and Muramalla in Konaseema region. Hotels in Yanam and Amalapuram have been booked in advance by punters and visitors.

Arrangements are in full swing to organize for playing cards and Gundata near cock fight rings. Organizers have assured that they will organize cockfights without knives. However, it seems that their pledge will be thrown to the wind.

Preparations are also being made to organize Gundata and card tournaments alongside cock fights. Arrangements are being made to set up 400 small, medium, and big rings in Konaseema alone.

A huge space parking space is being readied near the cockfight rings. Arrangements are also being made to provide all facilities to the visitors during cockfights.

A farm owner in Amalapuram said he is training 20 roosters for the last six months. He said that he is feeding the roosters with Kheema, Badam and training them to make them stronger. He said his roosters will take part in 20 fights for three days during Pongal.

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