Rythu Bharosa: First tranche of Rs 3,758 crore disbursed in Ganapavaram, Eluru

"There have been no drought zones in the state for the past three years" the CM said

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  16 May 2022 10:34 AM GMT
Rythu Bharosa: First tranche of Rs 3,758 crore disbursed in Ganapavaram, Eluru

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy distributed Rs 3,758 crore to farmers under the YSR Rythu Bharosa - PM Kisan Scheme in Ganapavaram, Eluru district, on Monday. This is for the fourth year in a row that the YSRCP government is extending the benefit for the farmers. The first installment of Rs 5,500 has been deposited directly into farmers' bank accounts. Farmers will also receive Rs 2,000 in their bank accounts as part of the PM Kisan Scheme at the end of May.

"The state government is all set to assist farmers before the sowing season this year as it has done for the past three years, as promised, regardless of financial difficulties," Chief Minister Jagan said. "We are giving Rs.7500 before Kharif, Rs.4000 during harvest, and Rs 2000 when the farmers return home," the CM added.

Rythu Bharosa scheme

Under the scheme, Rs 7,500 will be deposited as the first installment in May, Rs 4,000 in October, and another Rs 2,000 in January as the second and third installments. The State government has spent Rs 23,875 crore on the Rythu Barosa scheme. About 50 lakh farmers benefit from the initiative, which pays them Rs 7,000 crore in Rythu Bharosa every year. The government is providing Rs 13,500 as financial assistance to SC, ST, BC, minority, and tenant farmers and to those growing ROFR (forest) and endowment lands under the YSR Rythu Bharosa - PM Kisan Scheme.

The government has been offering an additional Rs 1,000 to beneficiaries every year, and the policy will be implemented for five years. In its election campaign, the YSRCP vowed to provide farmers with Rs 12,500 per year in aid and Rs 50,000 in four years. This means that over five years, the scheme's overall cost will be Rs 67,500, representing an additional Rs 17,500 in cash assistance to farmers.

No drought zone

Speaking on how the state has combated the drought-like situation in the state, CM Jagan has said, "There have been no drought zones in the state for the past three years. There is no single drought zone in the state, and that's progress. Even in drought-prone districts like Anantapur, groundwater levels rose to record levels," the CM said.

Food grain production

The state has also ensured that the food grain production increased by 16 lakh tonnes per year. In addition, the CM said that the government will be setting up cold storage in warehouses, Janata Bazaars, and Mandal centers in every village. This will result in better marketing of farmers' produce.

Interest-free loans:

Highlighting the Nadu-Nadu in terms of farmers benefiting the state, the CM has said that the previous government paid Rs 782 crore in five years for interest-free loans, while the government has given Rs 1,282 crore for interest-free loans in just three years. The government has also provided a free farm electricity subsidy of Rs 22,646 crore, including the arrears of Rs 9,000 crore the previous governments have left.

Naidu betrayed farmers, says Jagan

Noting that the TDP National President and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu betrayed the farmers, CM Jagan said he has kept up his promise and transparent government.

Emphasizing how Chandrababu Naidu failed to cater to the farmers, CM Jagan said that leaders who cannot be there for the farmers when they need them should not be involved in politics. "We have provided 7 lakh compensation to farmers whose family members have committed suicide. We have given crop insurance to farmers and better-quality seeds via Rythu Barosa Kendras (RBCs). If a leader assures the people during his election campaigns, they should keep up the word. If a leader cannot do that, there is no point in them being elected," the CM emphasized.

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