Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Friday announced that the schools in the state will reopen on August 16.

During a review meeting held at the camp office on Friday, the Chief Minister discussed Nadu Nedu (education), New Education Policy(NEP) and Vidya Kanuka Scheme.The second phase of Nadu- Nedu would be launched on the same day the schools reopen and the government would also provide Jagananna Vidya Kanuka kit and further announce details of NEP

The classification of schools will be finalized according to the NEP and in regard to this, the Chief Minister directed the authorities to complete the process by August 16.

The NEP includes six types of schools from Pre Primary- 1(PP-1) to 12th grade.

Satellite Foundation Schools will be offering PP-1, PP-2, Foundation‌ Schools offer PP-1, PP- 2 and classes 1 and 2, Foundation Plus Schools that offer PP-1, PP-2 and classes 1-5, Pre-high schools‌ which provides PP-1, PP-2, and classes 1-7, High Schools from classes 3-10 and High School Plus which has classes 3- 12.

The Chief Minister said that English mediums will be started from Anganwadis, which will be transformed into Satellite Foundation Schools and guided by Foundation schools to ensure best teaching available. The Foundation School will be set up within a kilometer radius and the high school in a three-kilometer radius said the Chief Minister and added that there will not be a single school beyond the three-kilometer range bringing down the travel distance.

The government shall make the most efficient use of teachers in the NEP and change the current circumstances. Teachers who have done BEd and PG will be teaching 18 subjects up to class 5, so that the students learn with focus. Also, the ratio of students to teachers will be strictly followed, one teacher for each subject. The Chief Minister instructed the authorities to create awareness on the new policy among parents, teachers, and students and stated that the new policy is in line with national standards and no school shall be closed and no teacher will be removed.

Discussing the Nadu-Nedu scheme the Chief Minister instructed the officials that there should be no scope for corruption in 'Nadu-Nedu' works, as they were initiated with a good cause to benefit future generations. No government in the past thought of schools' development and there should not be any controversy in the initiative, said the Chief Minister adding that the government is spending about Rs 16,000 crore towards Nadu-Nedu and NEP. Officials provided details on the distribution of textbooks, dictionary under Jagananna Vidya Kanuka in wake of the commencement of schools.

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