Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh government advisor on public affairs Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy slammed a section of media for conspiring against the state government by writing baseless articles with a sole agenda to divert the attention of people.

Speaking to the media here on Monday, he rubbished the article in the vernacular press alleging that the 8,000 schools being operated with just a single teacher and the government is not filling up the vacancies.

He said that the state government had created 1.83 lakh jobs in two years and assured that not a single school shall be closed and not a single teacher will be sacked.

The state government is moving ahead with a commitment to fulfilling poll promises. Sajjala clarified that there were 5.14 lakh government employees in the state before YSRCP came into power. He said the number has increased to 6.96 lakh employees, of which 1.3 lakh jobs were created within one year. He said that during the TDP rule, 9081 job notifications were released but only 8031 appointments were made and between 2014 and 19, 34,000 new jobs were created.

He said that the state government is committed to bringing reforms in the education sector through Nadu-Nedu. In fact, he said, the admission rate in government schools has also tremendously increased in the last two years due to the initiatives taken by the Chief Minister focusing.

Drawing a comparison with the previous TDP government, Sajjala listed that Rs 515 crore was spent on midday meals during the TDP regime. He said the government has spent Rs 1600 crore by totally revamping the midday meal scheme with an updated menu. Similarly, the salaries of helpers were increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 3000.

On this occasion, Ramakrishna Reddy questioned why such news did not appear from 2014 to 2019, when Chandrababu failed to fulfill his 600 plus promises. He said Chandrababu had closed many schools in the name of rationalization without focusing on the student-teacher ratio. He said that there were single teacher schools during Chandrababu's term too, but the state government is working to change the scenario. "From now on, promotions will also come to Anganwadi workers and once these changes are made we will fill in the vacancies based on the student-teacher ratio," he said.

He clarified that current vacancies were listed in the Job Calendar and in future many more shall come "This is not a onetime settlement. Public should not fall for false propaganda," he said.

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