Amaravati: TDP National President N. Chandrababu Naidu on Friday slammed the Jaganmohan Reddy government for 'misusing' police to push Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders to wall.

Naidu urged the party activists to think of new ways to fight back and save the party from the YSRCP's vicious and ill-motivated attacks. TDP would certainly come to power in 2024 going by people's mood against the Jagan regime. He said the immediate task would be to protect the party from the continuous attacks by the ruling YSRCP and the police.

Taking part in a discussion in 'Digital Mahanadu', TDP chief said there was a different vaccine to counter the false cases and fake arrests being made by the Jagan Reddy government. TDP activists should start filing 10 to 15 cases locally which would certainly frighten and put the aggressive YCP leaders on the defensive. For this, the TDP would mobilize support from local advocates.

Naidu stressed the need for identifying youngsters who were actively taking part in the party activities. He said he did not give the necessary attention to the party development since he thought of putting greater emphasis on developing the disadvantaged Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation. Next time, he would give all the necessary support and motivation to the party cadres and make all the efforts to give countershock to the YSRCP leaders.

Stressing the need for unity, Naidu cautioned party leaders against talking about organizational weaknesses. He said instead, they should strive hard to protect even the village-level activists.

For this, the party's top leadership would take responsibility as well. "The next one year would be very crucial to strengthen the party organizational setup and activities in each and every constituency. The party's strength proved itself in the Tirupati by-election in which the strengthening of booth level committees yielded good results," he said.

Naidu recalled how NTR had laid strong foundations for the TDP with his struggle for self-respect and social justice for the backward classes and weaker sections. Now, the TDP would not mean a single individual but it would symbolize a collective force and a strong institution. The TDP would draw its unchallengeable strength from its 70 lakh-strong activists. It was proved again and again that the TDP would emerge stronger from every crisis.

TDP chief deplored that the maniacal regime was using the police to book fabricated cases against the TDP leaders under non-bailable sections that would attract imprisonment above 7 years. "If the fight was given up because of these cases, it would create greater problems. The evil-minded persons were hatching conspiracies round the clock to destroy the TDP. But still, the activists were putting a lot of trust and confidence in the ability of the TDP to reassert itself," he said.

Naidu slammed the government for making false arrests of Atchannaidu, Kollu Raindrop, Dhulipalla Narendra, JC Prabhakar Reddy, JC Asmith Reddy, Chintamaneni Prabhakar, and also rebel MP Raghurama Raju. The YCP atrocities went to such an extreme extent that Raghurama was manhandled despite himself being a Member of Parliament.

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