Visakhapatnam: Joint Action Committee of Adivasi Unions and Federations have asked the government to stop land registrations in Araku, Ananthagiri and Dumbriguda of the Visakhapatnam district.

Convener of JAC Rama Rao Dora on Sunday said valuable agriculture land, the main living source of the Adivasis, were being taken away by the rich private persons and converted into hotels and resorts. As per the 1/70 act, land in the fifth schedule area of the agency cannot be transferred to non-tribals.

"To overcome these obstacles, the rich entrepreneurs from the cities are purchasing huge chunks of the land in the name of Lambada and Erukula communities. Both these communities do not exist in the Visakhapatnam agency and they were enlisted as tribals after the 1/70 Act came into being," Dora said.

He said this will deprive Adivasis of their land and livelihood, and force them to migrate to plain areas. "Political parties are also supporting them since they are main funding agencies. In many cases, the realtors were putting pressure on the government revenue officials to transfer the land," he said.

Dora said the government should cancel registrations made during the last few months. "The land prices have shot up after Araku Valley and Lamnasinghi shot into prominence in the tourist sector," he said.

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