Amaravati: TDP MLA Anagani Satya Prasad on Saturday strongly objected to the "undue interference" of the ruling YSRCP leaders in the free administering of Anandaiah Yadav's ayurvedic medicine that reportedly cures COVID-19.

Mr. Satya Prasad asked why the ruling party leaders have stopped Mr. Yadav's eye drops for the past one week when thousands of patients are coming to Krishnapatnam to get his medicine. It was wrong on the part of the AP government to harass Anandaiah Yadav even though he was only trying to save the lives of the people, he added.

In a statement, the TDP MLA demanded the government explain its objections when Mr. Yadav was only giving preparations based on the age-old Ayurveda. Why are the ruling party leaders hiding facts about his medicine when already over 70,000 patients have taken Anandaiah Yadav's medicine and not a single patient has complained to the authorities, the MLA asked.

Mr. Satya Prasad asked why YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy was interfering with Mr. Yadav's medicine. He said that according to media reports, YSRCP MPs and other leaders were distributing the Ayurveda medicine to their relatives and friends. Claiming that the ruling party was using the medicine for political advantage, he said detaining a good samaritan like Mr. Yadav was wrong. He questioned why Mr. Yadav was arrested and taken to a secret place. He should be immediately released and his medicine be made available to all people in the country, the TDP leader added.

Mr. Satya Prasad suspected the government's intentions in approving Mr. Yadav's medicine. "First, they said the approval would be given in two days. Then it was extended to four days. Now, the approval was further delayed by another one week. Why is the government postponing the approval and for whose sake? The ruling YSRCP leaders are needlessly interfering with this Ayurvedic medicine," the MLA alleged.

The TDP MLA pointed out that Mr. Yadav had not given any advertisements and neither did he collect money from the patients. There was no single complaint in this regard. Nobody has faced life threats or side effects after taking his medicine, the MLA said adding Mr. Yadav did not keep his formula a secret and neither did he launch any caste-based campaign. Tests have already proved there were no harmful materials in his medicine yet the YSRCP leaders are creating obstacles, he added.

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