Hyderabad: The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) on 21 April announced that the birthplace of Lord Hanuman is Anjanadri hill located near Akasha Ganga waterfall in Tirumala Hills.

A four-month study by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam committee of experts on Puranas and Vedas has established that Lord Hanuman was born in Anjanadri in the Treta Yug.

National Sanskrit University vice-chancellor V. Muralidhara Sharma, who was one of the experts on the committee constituted by the TTD, said that a team of pandits has been working on collecting proofs for the last four months to claim that Anjanadri hill is the birthplace of Hanuman. They have collected enough mythological, geographical, and historical evidence that proves Lord Hanuman was born at Anjanadri.

"It has been established based on puranic anthologies, literary evidence, epigraphic evidence, and geographic details," he said, adding that it was called Anjanadri in the Treta yugam and it was confirmed that Lord Hanuman was born to Anjanadevi. "Hanuman flew from Venkatagiri for the Surya Bimbam," said Mr. Sharma.

He added that in Venkatachala Mahatyam and also Skandha Puranam, Anjana Devi, the mother of Lord Hanuman, had approached sage Mathanga seeking a way for her to be blessed with children. She was advised to do tapasya on Venkatachalam and after several years, she was blessed with Hanuman. The place where she did tapasya and where her child was born became famous as Anjanadri.

"After Lord Hanuman was born, he leapt into the sky thinking the rising Sun was a fruit. The place from where he made the jump was Venkatagiri. After Lord Brahma and Lord Indra attacked him with their weapons, he fell down and his mother Anjanadevi started crying. To pacify her, the gods descended on Venkatachalam and bestowed several boons on Hanuman and said the place will be called Anajandri," Mr. Sharma said.

Along with Muralidhara Sharma, the committee comprised SV Vedic University vice-chancellor Acharya Sannidhanam Sudarshanam Sharma, Acharya Rani Sadasiva Murthy, Acharya Janamardhi Ramakrishnan, Acharya Shankara Narayanastha, and Rashtravetta. Dr. Akella Vibhishan Sharma.

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