Cyclone Gulab that crossed the Coast close to Kalingapatnam has now moved inland towards Maharashtra.

Cyclonic Storm during September is very rare. Whenever a storm forms in the Bay of Bengal, it will generally impact North Andhra Pradesh mainly Vizag-Srikakulam belt more. One such example is the 2005 cyclonic storm `Pyaar'. It caused severe rains and winds in Visakhapatnam.

Cyclone Gulab will affect Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra in the coming days. For the Telugu region, its impact will be less. There will get minimal in the next 24 hours. On Tuesday, much of the rains are expected in the north Andhra Pradesh Coast and Godavari districts. Some isolated Thunderstorms are also expected in Telangana.

More Rains predicted on October 1st week

Normally during October, the rain occurs in Coastal AP and Tamil Nadu. Unlike last year, it remained in the Hyderabad belt till October 21. This time, as per Numerical Models, a Circulation will affect the south Andhra and Tamil Nadu coasts. It will bring rain to Andhra Pradesh and scattered thunderstorms in Telangana.

Monsoon season is about to end. `North-east monsoon', which is called the Monsoon of Coastal will begin in October second or third week.

Cyclones form as a part of the seasonal Cycle. This year as we are having negative IOD, we will see more Cyclones than usual taking into consideration the last 100 year data.

Cyclone Gulab Damages and Impact

Gulab is a windy and more rainy cyclone. Damages occurred in Srikakulam, Kalingapatnam, Amadalavalasa, and Palasa when cyclone made landfall at Kalingapatnam.

As per locals, two people were killed and one is missing in the district. Once the cyclone crossed, rains battered the district with some places getting close to 200 mm of showers.

Vizianagaram district on the other hand got heavy downpours and strong winds when Cyclone crossed the coast. Damage due to wind and rain was more at Vizianagaram city and coastal areas of the district.

Visakhapatnam faced damage due to rain and storm. Low Lying areas of Vizag City mainly Sheela Nagar, Gajuwaka, Duvvada, and Pedagantyada along with Vizag Railway station got inundated with floodwater. It rained for six hours non-stop nearly 35 cms of rain were recorded at many places which is more than Hyderabad rains last year.

Local flooding and torrential Downpour have affected many crops across Godavari, Krishna, and Guntur districts.

Sai Praneeth B

Sai Praneeth is an independent weather observer from Andhra Pradesh. You can follow him for weather updates on Twitter @APWeatherman96.

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