13 lakh people benefit from Kanti Velugu scheme

The Kanti Velugu camps are being rigorously executed throughout the state in accordance with the government’s aims

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 March 2023 7:03 AM GMT
Eye check ups at Kanti Velugu camps

Hyderabad: The state government has implemented the Kanti Velugu scheme to provide health care to all residents. The government directed the medical, health, and family welfare department to conduct a 100-day programme from January 19 to June 15, 2023. The district administration has made intricate procedures to ensure everyone is covered by this program.

So far, 80,67,243 people have had their eyes tested across the state as part of the program, which aims to improve healthcare delivery in Telangana. As many as 13,70,296 persons with vision impairments were identified and given free glasses and medications. Beneficiaries expressed delight that free care at government medical institutes saves thousands of rupees for poor and middle-class households.

The camps are being planned and implemented in advance by district collectors, medical and health officials, and officials from several departments. The Kanti Velugu camps are being rigorously executed throughout the state in accordance with the government’s aims, with advanced plans, constant monitoring, daily evaluations, analysis, video conferences and meetings, and the correction of deficiencies as needed.

Myopia is common

According to the data collected in the camps, persons suffering from short-sightedness in all regions form the majority. Several folks over the age of 40 who are near-sighted attended the camp and were promptly given reading glasses. Aside from these, vitamin A, D, and B complex supplements are given to many patients who have vision issues. Cataracts primarily affect people over the age of 50. Mobile phones are used to deliver information regarding treatment times for patients who require surgery. Physicians are offering guidance and preventive measures to patients who have already had surgery and are experiencing complications.

Arogya Mahila Camps

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the state administration arranged for free medical examinations for women at health clinics. With this, required tests are already being conducted for women in eight categories, and plans have been developed to give free follow-up therapy to those who have been diagnosed with the disease.

The state government opened 100 Arogya Mahila Kendras in the state with the goal of making women’s health a blessing at home. Every Tuesday, women are evaluated in these locations, and steps are being taken to improve treatment. It is being evaluated for basic diagnostics, cancer screening, vitamin deficiencies, urinary tract infections, PID, PCOS, family planning, menstruation disorders, menopausal management, sexually transmitted illnesses, and body weight issues. The appropriate tests are performed at health clinics to prevent malnutrition in women, and treatments are offered at no cost.

Cancer screening tests are also performed at women’s clinics, as well as primary tests for suspicions and those with symptoms, who are then referred to referral hospitals for further treatment. Patients who visit the women’s clinic have their information recorded in a customised mobile App. A special assistance desk has also been established.

The government’s efforts to give development and welfare to all are yielding positive results under the leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. In the same vein, Arogya Telangana is shaping up to be one of the state’s main flagship initiatives for the implementation of health and family welfare schemes.

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