Don't execute warrants against Teenmaar Mallanna: TS HC

Police to provide info on pending PT warrants against Teenmaar Mallanna by Apr 10th, per writ petition by his wife.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  4 April 2023 3:02 AM GMT
Dont execute warrants against Teenmaar Mallanna: TS HC

Telangana High Court directed the state government not to execute PT warrants against Chinthapandu Naveen Kumar alias Teenmaar Mallanna.

Justice Bollam Vijaysen Reddy passed the order after hearing the writ petition filed by K. Mathamma, wife of Chinthapandu Naveen Kumar.

Petitioner sought to direct all the police officers working under their jurisdiction to follow the law laid down in the Arnesh Kumar case as well as the principles laid down in Satender Kumar Antil Vs Central Bureau of Investigation while investigating any crime which attracts below 7 years punishment, particularly in the Crime No. 444 of 2022 dated December 2, 2022, at PS Suryapet-II Town and such other cases which are framed across the state and also refrain them from obtaining PT warrants against the accused Teenmaar Mallanna.

Justice Bollam Vijaysen Reddy directed the TS Police not to execute any PT warrant against Teenmaar Mallanna. He directed the GPs for Home M. Roopender and Ravinder that to furnish the information on the number of PT Warrants pending against Teenmaar Mallanna by April 10.

Sharat, Counsel for K. Mathamma argued that the police are convincing the concerned magistrates and obtaining PT warrants against Teenmaar Mallanna and sending him to judicial custody intentionally.

The whole argument of Sharat is against the Telangana Police and the magistrates in the districts and Hyderabad City, who without going into details of the cases, are signing the PT warrants, due to which Teenmaar Mallanna, is not allowed to apply for bail in other cases.

As per the information furnished by GP for Home Roopender, there are 50 cases registered. Teenmaar Mallanna in almost all the commissionerates and districts. Most of the cases registered against him attract punishment below 7 years imprisonment and are bailable. Because of the indiscriminate issuance of PT warrants and their execution, Teenmaar Mallanna is behind the bars.

S. Sharat argued that all the cases which are registered against Teenmaar Mallanna are similar complaints. He said the complainants are police officers in different districts. They allege that Teenmaar Mallanna is telecasting wrong, defamatory news against MLC Kavita, who is alleged to have been involved in the Delhi liquor scam. He is also using, offensive language against CM KCR and Minister KT Rama Rao.

Justice Vijaysen Reddy during the course of the hearing observed that registering so many cases against one person on a similar complaint violates fundamental rights. “How long the police will execute the PT Warrants like this?” he asked.

Sharat further informed the court that Teenmaar Mallanna has applied for bail in 2 cases and one bail application will come up for hearing tomorrow before a Magistrate.

The matter was adjourned to April 10.

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