Telangana bans V6 channel, Velugu; internet divided over press freedom

V6 channel, Velugu newspaper banned from covering BRS

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 March 2023 3:59 PM GMT
V6 channel

Logos of V6, and Velugu media house (Facebook)

Hyderabad: Four days after Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao said they know when to ban V6, a Telugu channel, Telangana State passed the orders on Tuesday. Orders have been passed to ban Telugu Channel V6 and Velugu Newspaper from covering BRS. The party leaders have been directed not to appear for debates or discussions with the concerned media house.

The move has drawn criticism from certain sections and has divided the Internet. While few netizens called it an attack on freedom of the press, others pointed out that these publications are anti-BRS.

According to the BRS party leaders, certain media organisations like Velugu and V6, which are supposed to act impartially in a democracy, have been showcasing fabricated news in favour of the BJP.

In a recent press meet held by KTR against the summon issued by Enforcement Directorate to BRS MLC Kavitha in Delhi Liquor Scam, KTR called out V6, Velugu media as BJP mouthpieces. During the press meeting, the minister expressed his impatience with this particular media house. "In a dry state Gujarat, 42 people die after drinking liquor, the state where liquor is banned. Is it a scam, or is it a scheme? Did you show it on your V6?" He questioned one of the reporters of the channel.

"We know what will be shown on V6, We know what they will talk about, and we know what dramas they will do. We also know when to ban", warned KTR during the live press meet.

It is pertinent to note that V6's promoter is M Vivekanand, also known as G Vivek Venkatswamy- a staunch BJP member.

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