Why are BRS ministers reacting to Naidu's Khammam speech?

The day saw a lot of reactions to Chandrababu Naidu's speech as ministers from the KCR Cabinet came out with reactions.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 Dec 2022 1:34 PM GMT
Why are BRS ministers reacting to Naidus Khammam speech?

Hyderabad: Why are BRS senior ministers reacting to TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu's Khammam speech? Is BRS worried that the infighting within the party and changing political equations in Telangana will favour a BJP and TDP alliance?

The day saw a lot of reactions to Chandrababu Naidu's speech as ministers from the KCR Cabinet came out with reactions. Ministers T. Harish Rao, P. Ajay Kumar, K. Eshawar and BRS party whip M.S. Prabhakar targeted TDP and the Central government.

Harish Rao said, "The term TDP and N CBN are invalid in Andhra Pradesh. People of AP have rejected him for his misrule. NCBN has done injustice to the people of Telangana." In Nizamabad, MLC K. Kavitha also reacted to TDP and called Chandrababu Naidu an opportunist. "He wants to come back to Telangana and revive the party. He is the one who opposed Telangana," she said.

What did Naidu speak at Khammam?

During his speech in Khammam, the former chief minister and TDP national president Nara Chandrababu Naidu expressed confidence that the party will get its past glory in Telangana. Mr. Naidu said he always worked with a vision to keep the better future of the people of the two Telugu States. Listing out the developmental works he initiated in Hyderabad and other parts of the two Telugu States, he said how hard work had yielded tremendous results. "I have struggled to make Hyderabad an Information Technology (IT) corridor only with a view that the youth should get better employment, thus earning more. Now, you all know how the youth in the Telugu States are getting jobs not only in the country but across the globe," Mr. Naidu said.

Stating that only the TDP will remain permanently in the hearts of the people, Mr. Naidu said that the party took its birth in Hyderabad, the heartland of Telangana. Addressing the gathering in Khammam, Mr. Naidu said, "Though the party does not have any representative in Khammam, it is quite happy to see the huge gathering for his meeting. I am now confident of the party getting the past glory in Telangana,".

A shift in strategy

BRS leaders so far were targeting only the Central government and state BJP leaders. But now with Mr. Naidu's statements in Khammam, press conferences are being held to counter him. A senior political analyst explained, "Till yesterday, TDP was considered a nobody in Telangana but today, the senior-most BRS leaders are condemning him. There is turmoil in the Congress party and a section of BRS leaders are not happy. This will be a combination for the TDP party to come back and revive itself in Telangana."

The Khammam speech had an impact on the TDP leaders who were quiet all these years in Telangana. They are now re-grouping and political analysts see that TDP will soon play a major role in Telangana politics.

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