Tirupati: To expedite the investigation into the kidnapping a six-year-old boy in Tirupati, the Alipiri police released the photo of the suspected kidnapper, captured by CCTV cameras, on 6 March. The official Twitter handle of Tirupati Urban police tweeted the kidnapper's photo on Saturday.

The six-year-old Sivam Kumar Sahoo was on a pilgrimage to Tirupati along with his parents who are from Chhattisgarh. He was lured and abducted at the Alipiri link bus stand in Tirupati, Chittoor district, on 27 February.

Tirupati police chief Ch. Venkata Appala Naidu has formed special teams to speed up the investigation. After analyzing CCTV footage from the link bus station cameras, the police found that the kidnapper had sat close to the boy's family, keenly watching their movements before luring the boy and walking away with him when the family took their eyes off the child for a moment.

The family searched for the boy in nearby areas and when they could not find him, they lodged a police complaint.

The police released photos of the missing boy and the kidnapper and appealed to the public for any information. They have asked people to call 9440796752, WhatsApp number 8099999977, or the police control room 6309913960 if they spot the boy or the kidnapper in their surrounding areas.

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