Vijayawada: A pet dog sacrificed its life after fighting with a poisonous snake to protect its master's family at Nandigama in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.

Though the incident took place a couple of days ago, it came to light on Tuesday. The incident happened in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Nandigama Town.

N. Murali owns a farmhouse and has two dear pets named Kaizar and Flora, both Rottweilers.

Normally, Kaizar and Flora roam around the farmhouse and return to their cages in the evening. However, on the evening of 25 December, Flora didn't return to the cage. The next day, Flora was found lifeless. Next to the dog was a large cobra, also dead.

According to reports, the dog obstructed the cobra's path while it was entering the farmhouse. After the cobra tried to enter the farmhouse, the dog noticed the cobra, started barking loudly and prevented the reptile from entering the room.

The snake and the dog fought. Finally, the dog killed the snake. Later, the dog died of snake bite.

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