Visakhapatnam: A city hospital saved a 37-year-old COVID-19 patient who was in the hospital for almost 60 days. During the period, the doctors even contemplated a lungs transplant but thankfully the man recovered.

Consultant pulmonologist of KIMS Icon Dr. Phaneendra said Naresh came to the hospital in May after a sudden drop in his oxygen saturation level. "Initially, he required a lot of oxygen. Later, he was diagnosed with pulmonary thromboembolism when blood capillaries that transport blood from the heart to lungs are blocked with clotted blood."

Naresh was in the ICU for 25 days and was then shifted to a general ward where he stayed for 40 days, the doctor said. He added, "Doctors had to do bronchoscopy for secondary infection in his lungs, suspecting fungal infection because of cavities in his lungs. Now, he has recovered and is able to do his daily chores normally. During the day, he is able to get on without oxygen support for two-three hours. He is recovering slowly."

"We didn't want to lose hope"

Saranya Naresh, the patient's wife, stood by her husband throughout the ordeal even when the doctors warned her of COVID infection. "She stayed beside him wearing PPE kits. Because of her presence, he gained confidence and was able to recover fast," Dr. Phaneendra said.

Saranya said, "My husband is 37 years old. We live in Simhachalam. Generally, if people who smoke and drink get COVID, it is understandable if the situation turns critical. But my husband neither smokes nor drinks. Also, he is not very old. So, even if I knew his condition was critical, I didn't want to lose hope."

She added, "Even when he was in ICU, I told the doctors I'd be by his side. The doctors didn't agree to it at first. They said that in the ICU, the infection is severe. Doctors and nurses are also at risk of contracting the virus. They advised me for my own good but I wanted to stay by his side. For those in the hospital, every patient is the same. But, for us, our dear ones are important. So, we need to put in the effort. That is why I stayed in the ICU for 21 days."

She said she feared what would happen to her husband if I she left him alone in the ward. "Though the infection was severe, the doctors treated him well. Because of their treatment and care, I got my husband back. For this, I am always grateful to the hospital and doctors," Saranya said.

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