Visakhapatnam: Police have decided to prepare a comprehensive list of land grabbers to keep an eye on their activities in Vizag city.

It may be recalled that city police recently arrested two of the three-member gang for trying to sell NRI's 12 acres of land worth Rs 100 crores using forged documents including GPA and Special Attorney. One of the accused is also an NRI who resides in the USA.

City Police Chief Manish Kumar Sinha said creating fake documents is a criminal offense and the victims need to report to the local police station against such offenders. He said that victims should also approach the local Tehsildar office immediately.

Police will not interfere in title issues, division of land within the family, boundary issues, or any other pure civil issues. "We are planning to set up a pre-Litigation Counselling Forum in Zone-II in the city to address issues and complaints of people with regard to land disputes, the police added In other land issues like the occupation of government lands by the public, the police will support the VMRDA, GVMC and revenue departments as and when required," he said.

Police have also issued a fresh advisory to keep land grabbers at bay.

For people who have already purchased land, police have issued a set of guidelines which include:

1. Monthly visit to the site.

2. Put a board on the site with your name. Different people will visit the site and it will reassure them that land has no issue.

3. Install fencing

4. Keep a trusted watchman if it is an expensive land.

5. When installing fencing, a total station or GPS survey is needed by a licensed or government surveyor. Please inform neighbors about the survey.

6. Ensure updating of records after registration in revenue records.

For the people who intend to purchase land:

1. Issue advertisement in the leading newspaper before purchasing.

2. EC verification for the last 30 years is also mandatory.

3. Verify VUDA approval.

4. Immediately they should apply for electrical connection (they will issue connection within 24 hrs)

5. With this connection as proof, they should apply for a water connection from GVMC.

6. They can also get plan approval from GVMC.

7. Ensure updating of records after registration in revenue records like 1B and adangal.

8. Check all link docs right from the name in SFA (Survey Fair Adangal)

9. Check if it is an assigned land or in 22A prohibited property list

Police said by these steps, the genuine land owner's name will be entered in records of all departments including revenue, GVMC, and electrical.

Police have also published the website address for easy access. Police said EC and prohibited properties list can be accessed through Adangal and FMB can be accessed through

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