Canadian design to helipad: A sneak peek into 24-storied multi-specialty hospital at Warangal

Unveiling his dream project, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said the proposed 24-storied multi-specialty hospital at Warangal will be equipped with all modern facilities including a helipad at the terrace.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 Jun 2021 3:59 AM GMT
Canadian design to helipad: A sneak peek into 24-storied multi-specialty hospital at Warangal

Unveiling his dream project, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said the proposed 24-storied multi-specialty hospital at Warangal will be equipped with all modern facilities including a helipad at the terrace.

"It will be developed as a Green Building having a helipad facility on its terrace. It will have a Canadian design. Officials will visit Canada to have the firsthand experience of the design," he said.

The CM said in the backdrop of COVID, the infrastructure of the medical and health sector would be strengthened in the state. The CM said seven new Medical Colleges have been and Warangal central will be converted into a multi-specialty hospital. "Our medical facilities will be better than any other state in the country," he said.

KCR was chairing a high-level to review e Palle, Pattana Pragathi programmes in the state. "Palle and Pattana Pragathi programmes are yielding good results. Every season, before the advent of the season, Panchayat Raj, Municipal officials should meet with the Medical and Health officials to plan the preventive measures and it should become like regular work culture. Additional Collectors should take the responsibility of public health," he said.

The CM congratulated the officials for making Basti Dawakhanas a grand success. He said the deliveries in the government hospitals have increased from 29 percent to 55 percent. The CM stressed the need for coordination among the departments at the PHC level to control seasonal diseases.

"There is no point in running around with medicines once the seasonal diseases break out. A comprehensive strategy should be devised to control the outbreak of seasonal diseases," he said

The medical and Health department briefed the CM about the seasonal diseases and measures taken to prevent them and. Officials said the seasonal diseases have been successfully controlled due to Pale and Pattana Pragathi programmes. As far as malaria is concerned, the state had reached the elimination stage from the pre-elimination stage. If the same strategy continues for the next three years, the state would be malaria-free like Sri Lanka.

KCR said he would personally participate in the Palle and Pattana Pragath Programmes. The CM asked district Additional Collectors, district Panchayat Raj Department, Municipal department officials to work dedicatedly. He also suggested that the officials should take up a tree plantation programme as part of the Haritha Haram since the monsoon season has begun.

He said his surprise visits are also aimed at checking the progress made in tree plantation programmes. The CM said strict action would be taken against the officials who fail to discharge their duties. The CM said the performance of additional Collectors and DPOs will be assessed during his surprise visits.

He said he would undertake surprise visits on June 20 in Siddipet, Kamareddy and on June 21 at Warangal. During his Warangal visit on June 21, the CM said he would inaugurate the District Collectorate and lay a foundation stone to the proposed Multi-Super specialty hospital there.

The CM has instructed Principal Secretary (Finance) to immediately allocate Rs 25 lakh each to the additional district Collector to sanction funds for the local bodies for solving certain issues. Before the end of the meeting, the additional Collectors were given copies of the GO on the matter.

KCR said it is regrettable that the rural development from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is neglected and one of the main reasons is the attitude of the officials. The CM asked young collectors to make the best of their opportunities and work for the development of rural areas. He said the officers should get rid of the archaic attitude and methods, improve their capabilities and work with commitment and earn a good name.

The CM said people always remember the collectors who worked for their well-being. He made it clear that it is the responsibility of the DPOs to conduct Gram Sabhas and take measures so that discussion takes place on Village Financial Reports.

"It became a habit for us to ignore the ground realities. We have a lot of work to do in our vicinity. Work hard for six months and see how villages and urban areas develop. If you do your work with utmost dedication, results will come for sure. I will also adopt a district and see how work can be done. Additional Collectors and I will work together. We will show how development can be achieved," he said.

The CM asked the additional Collectors and DPOs to train Sarpanches other subordinate staff on the matter they are not aware of, improve their capabilities and make them part of the village development. "In the first phase, be affectionate with the Sarpanches and other staff, explain to them in a cordial manner, and create a conducive work atmosphere. If they don't listen be a bit stern with them, "he said.

The CM instructed the CS to depute a team of additional Collectors and DPOs to tour Kerala state where the rural development was done extremely well in the country. He said the Telangana government has adopted the good programmes of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The CM said immediately after independence, Community Development was launched under the leadership of S K Dey. It later became Panchayat Raj movement and the same way Cooperative movement took birth. The CM regretted that such a great Panchayat Raj system was politicized, departmentalized, and compartmentalized in the later years totally shattering the dream of S K Dey.

KCR asked officials to discharge their duties without any fear or favor. "You do your work sincerely and effectively and fear none. Work with the confidence that CM is with you. There is nothing impossible if you have a strong will. We have no other important work other than rural and urban development. Tour the villages, stay there for a night and mingle with the people so that you understand their problems. We have kept ready new vehicles for you to visit the villages. The government is releasing funds every month for Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi programmes," he said.

The CM instructed the forest department to complete the tree plantation programmes in urban and rural areas within fifteen days.

The CM wanted additional Collectors to be more cautious about the layout of the real estate traders. The CM wanted all the community utilities like the community halls, transformer, substations; water tank, etc should immediately register with the local municipalities. He said additional Collectors should ensure that the real estate developers are adhering to rules and guidelines.

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