Opinion: Representation for deity's rights

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 July 2020 9:48 AM GMT
Opinion: Representation for deitys rights

One Deity in the North Got back His Temple through the Supreme Court. Another Deity in the South is fighting for His Rights.

SriRama is getting back a New Temple in place of Destructed one. Will Sri Padmanabha get His Constitutional Rights under Article 26?

As the convenor of the Temple Protection Movement, we have been fighting against the control of the secular government over temples.

After the landmark Judgement on Padmanabhaswamy Temple case, we petitioned to His Excellency the President Sri Ramnath Kovind to recognise the deity who was an erstwhile ruler as the citizen for bestowing him all the constitutional rights.

We requested other organisations to support this petition and are happy to say many organisations are drafting their supporting letters to be sent to the President. One of the first ones to support is the Association of Founders of the Hindu Religious & Charitable Institutions of Andhra Pradesh representing the views of deities as their Shebaits and supporting Lord Chilkur Balaji.

Deity representation to His Excellency President of India dated 18th July 2020

The representation is for securing Art 26 Right To Protect of Lord Shri Padmanabha Swamy Ruler Citizen deity.

The objective is that through this petition the Constitutional Rights of all Hindu deities in our Country be restored which were taken away by the Sabarimala judgement of Supreme Court (which is now under review).

We are celebrating the Bhumipujan for Temple Construction at Ayodhya as a victory of Dharma of Lord Shri Rama deity on Aug 5th who reclaimed his temple through a constitutional process.

It is very important for us to also recognize the underlying message that our Hindu deities have allowed themselves to be bound by our Constitution.

The Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple Judgement recognises the fact that the Ruler was Padmanabhaswamy and the royal family was the Shebbait. Since all Rulers of 545 Kingdoms became Citizens post-1972 Privy Purses Abolition, now is the time for the President of India to cloak the deity as a citizen to give back the fundamental rights denied to him in the Sabarimala judgement.

In this time of Coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to restore back Art 26 Right to Protect of our Ruler Citizen Deity (taken away by Supreme Court) who protected his Travancore Kingdom from the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 with very minimal mortality.

It is also our Dharma based on findings of fact recorded in Supreme Court 13th July judgement of Padmanabhaswamy temple case to restore the Art 26 Rights of our Ruler Citizen Deity the very embodiment of Dharma who gave crores of devotees Art 25 Right to temple entry which was denied for thousands of years.

We request all Mathadhipathies, Peethadhipathies, Acharya Purushas, Archaka Organizations, social groups and other like-minded organisations believing in Sanatana Dharma to come forward and support the representation of Chilkur Balaji Deity to the President of India which is for our own welfare.

Dr Soundararajan is the convenor of the Temple Protection Movement

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