Hyderabad:  Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao,  said that, the RTC bus services to districts have been exempted from the night curfew restrictions from Thursday. He said buses coming from the districts will be allowed to reach Jubliee Bus Station  and also at the MGBS bus station. However, the suspension of city bus services in Hyderabad will continue as it is.

The CM held a review meeting on the RTC at Pragathi Bhavan here on Wednesday. According to the officials, The RTC has incurred heavy losses due to the previous protest. However, When the problem was solved and  situation was getting better , the COVID pandemic surfaced.

Though permission is given for some RTC buses to ply, due to the Curfew imposition, the buses are not plying to their full capacity. ‘Every day RTC should received an income of  Rs 11 to 12 Crore . During summer and Wedding  season, the income revolves around Rs 15 Crore per day. Now,  the income has nose dived to  Rs 2 crore per day. ‘The current occupancy in the buses stands at 39 %. The main reason being imposition of curfew in the nights. Passengers travelling  to their destinations were not been able reach before 7 PM. Since this is peak summer, passengers would like travel either in the morning or during the nights. Since buses are plying only during the daytime, it is not proved useful to people,” the RTC officials explained.

With this, the state government has taken certain decision on the RTC:

—RTC buses are exempted from the curfew restrictions

—RTC buses will be allowed to reach their destination during the
curfew times. Taxies, Autos and other passenger vehicles will be
allowed at the bust stands. Police will not stop passengers having the
bus ticket to travel by their own cars.

–Buses coming from districts are leaving passengers at the JBS. From
Thursday, buses will also drop passengers at the Imliban.

–Since Hyderabad city has a large number of Corona cases, city buses
will not be in service for some more days.

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