Hyderabad: George Reddy, which is slated for release on November 22, has been creating a lot of buzz in recent times. Directed by Jeevan Reddy, the film has Sandeep Madhav in the role of George Reddy. With the recent pre-release event being postponed for some security reasons, this film has made headlines and become more popular too, making it worthy enough for the audience to head to the theatres.

Well, just like everyone out there wants to know more about Sandeep and George Reddy, the former has a lot to talk about the film. Here is the excerpt from Sandeep Madhav’s exclusive interview.

Post-release of Vangaveeti, what kind of scripts were you looking for?

Post the release of Vangaveeti, I was looking for some exciting and challenging roles. Many scripts have come on my way, but I found none of them challenging or like how I wanted them to be. So I waited till I would get the perfect script and that is when George Reddy came to me. Found this role so interesting that I was excited to play it. 

Sandeep, what made you say ‘yes’ to play George Reddy?

After Vangaveeti, I haven’t done any films. I have been looking to do something challenging and that’s when George Reddy’s script came in my way. Director Jeevan Reddy and I know each other for a long time. So since Day 1, when he had this film in his mind, he told me he wanted me to be George Reddy. I must say that the characterisation and the script have excited me a lot. I was so impressed with the life of George Reddy, that I did not want to miss it.

Do you think Jeevan Reddy has done justice to the real-life George Reddy?

Yes, 200 percent. Making this film has been his dream and I saw how much he and the whole team has struggled to make George Reddy. Like I said, I know him for a long time and I have seen him prepping and forming a strong foundation in the making of the film. I am confident that people would definitely appreciate his work because I have seen him working.

Did you feel anything tough in playing the character?

Not at all. I loved it very much because there was a lot of action to do. In Vangaveeti, my role was full of intense action and performance. It is the same in George Reddy too. So I enjoyed playing it. I will cherish this forever.

Bhavana Sharma

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