Hyderabad gynecologist is busting myths about painful periods

Women around the world have been told one big lie – painful periods are normal. This pain is not well understood as many women suppress it for years before seeking medical help

By KANIZA GARARI  Published on  3 Aug 2022 9:30 AM GMT
Hyderabad gynecologist is busting myths about painful periods

Hyderabad: Women around the world have been told one big lie – painful periods are normal. This pain is not well understood as many women suppress it for years before seeking medical help.

These myths dominate not only our society but also the medical fraternity. To bust such myths and allow women to have pain-free periods is the goal of Dr. Vimee Bindra, a gynecologist, laparoscopic, robotic surgeon, and co-founder of ENDOCUSADERS.

A common but less understood complaint

Women before and after childbirth often complain to their gynecologists of painful periods. Dr. Vimee Bindra noticed this during her training as a gynecologist in 2005-2008 at RG Kar Medical College in Kolkata.

While practicing at Hyderabad's Fernandez Hospital, she noted many instances where the complaints were rectified but only to a certain extent. The problem was not completely rectified till the ultrasound and MRI were done.

"In medical school, every gynecologist is taught about endometriosis but the treatment is not dealt with in detail. This is because this is a specialty on its own in gynecology," said Dr. Bindra.

What causes painful periods?

Painful periods are caused due to endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease and rare genetic conditions.

Endometriosis is detected in more than one million women in India every year.

It is a condition where the tissue that is similar to the tissue in a woman's uterus grows outside it. The growth is observed in the ovaries, urethra and also the rectal regions. It was believed that getting married and having children reduced the pain or minimized it. Dr. Bindra says, "Pregnancy stops the menstrual cycle. This stops the inflammation of the tissues and it was believed to be a cure for the disease. This belief was popular not only in India but worldwide."

Later, diagnosis and research led to a better understanding of the condition. This condition is now diagnosed but a major problem is lack of awareness among women.

Delayed diagnosis

The diagnosis is very late and varies from 7 to 20 years. This is because many women are not aware of the problem.

With medical practices in India varying, specialists are often approached at a later stage.

Dr. Bindra explains, "In maximum cases, excision surgery is required. A trained team of gynecologist, urologist and colorectal surgeons carry out the surgery. The outcome has been complete eradication of pain during periods."

Sustained awareness campaigns

An advocate of endometriosis, Dr. Bindra has spent the last eight years on menstrual education for women online. Through social media campaigns, she has been able to reach out to women not only in India but also in the USA, Africa and Europe. Those women who suffered silently, have sought help to understand their problem and get it rectified.

Dr. Bindra says, "So far, we have discussed the problem in cities, but there are many in small towns and rural areas who are suffering silently. We want the government to take it up in government maternity centers where women can seek help early."

The goal is to ease their pain as it not only affects them physically but also mentally. Many of them are unable to express their pain for years as they believe it is their destiny. "I want that thought process to change," she says.

With all her energies dedicated to the cause, what keeps her going is the appreciation from the women who remember her for the solace she has bought to their lives. Their messages and thank you notes push her to do more. This is the best time for her as it relaxes and satisfies her.

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