Hyderabad hospital removes 5 kg tumour from 64-year-old woman’s abdomen

An ovarian tumour weighing 5 kg was removed

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  14 March 2023 1:09 PM GMT
ovarian tumour

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Hyderabad: An ovarian tumour weighing 5 kg was removed from the abdomen of a 64-year-old woman at a city hospital here.

The woman came to the hospital with severe pain in her abdominal region. She was examined by Dr. Padmavathi, a consultant gynaecologist, Renova Hospital. The woman revealed that her uterus was removed 25 years ago, and she was now suffering from pain in the abdomen.

After an examination, a huge mass weighing 5 kg was detected. The woman was advised to undergo various blood tests and diagnosis. The mass was near the pelvic region and was pressing on her other organs.

Accordingly, a surgical team consisting of Dr. Sanjay Yadagiri, consultant onco surgeon; Dr. Padmavathi; Dr. Gangadhar, consultant general surgeon; and Dr. Pradeep, consultant anaesthesiologist performed a debulking surgery. The team successfully removed the huge tumour. It has been sent for further examination. The patient is stable and was discharged.

Dr. Padmavathi explained that small tumours were normally found in women patients but such a huge tumour after a hysterectomy is very rare. She said the removal of such a huge tumour makes a surgery a complicated procedure as other organs need to be protected.

A team of doctors, a medical staff from Renova Hospital, who removed 4 kg tumour.

Chronic abdominal pain must not be neglected and doctors must be approached early for treatment, said doctors.

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