'Pimples', 'acne', 'itching': Prolonged mask use leads to facial distress

Long-time use of face masks led to pressure in the skin region leading to itching and facial dermatitis

By KANIZA GARARI  Published on  2 Sep 2022 10:30 AM GMT
Pimples, acne, itching: Prolonged mask use leads to facial distress

Hyderabad: Prolonged use of face masks leads to pimples, acne, and itching in the facial region among teenagers and women. Due to the surge in Covid 19 cases, it is compulsory to wear masks in offices and colleges leading to their long-time use.

Long-time use of face masks led to pressure in the skin region leading to itching and facial dermatitis. Acne is the most common skin disease in India and 85 percent of teenagers, women, smokers, and diabetics suffer from it.

Due to Covid 19, working professionals were forced to wear masks for longer hours at their workplace and that has led to increased stress in the facial region. Dr. V Anand Kumar, senior skin specialist at KIMS Hospital Hyderabad says, "Teenagers and women have seen a recurrence of acne and facial injuries due to the itching. This is because they wore masks all the time at colleges, schools, and offices."

Face masks becoming a risk factor

A recent study of 30,000 participants published in the journal Contact Dermatitis has shown that the overall prevalence saw a substantial increase. Eighty percent of the cases were self-reported as the duration of wearing the masks was very long. It was not the type of mask but its duration that led to facial distress.

The research states that there is an overall 54 percent increase in skin diseases of the face which is related to prolonged use of the masks. This is now becoming a risk factor, pointed out the research paper.

Change the masks or take a break

It is important to take a break from wearing masks in colleges and offices to avoid this facial distress, stated medical experts. Those who are in high-risk zones like critical care in hospitals or intensive care units must change their masks often. Those who have suffered from facial distress due to the masks need treatment and also have to change the masks twice a day for better facial care.

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