Hyderabad: The Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, K Vijay Raghavan has warned that the third wave of Covid infections is inevitable. "A third wave is inevitable, given the variants - but we do not know when it will come, we do not know what the scale will be. We have to be prepared," said K VijayRaghavan.

He added that Vaccines are effective against current variants. New variants will arise all over the world and in India too but variants that increase transmission will likely plateau. "Immune evasive variants and those which lower or increase disease severity will arise going ahead," he said.

The principal scientific advisor also said that the first Covid19 wave was a generalist version of the Coronavirus while the second wave has fitter viruses which cause increasing host immunity, because of previous infections. "All strains are variants but not all variants are strains," said the K Vijay Raghvan.

Meanwhile, Dr Renu Swarup, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology said that "The report that was published about prevalence of N440K variants in Andhra Pradesh was by an independent researcher based on samples collected last year. N440K was found but quickly diminished. Not seen now, no clinical impact at all."

Variant B1.617 has been prevalent in India and has been found in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka. "we need more data about this variant. Another variant B1.618 was also reported, but B1.618 has diminished too," said Dr. Swarup.

Meanwhile, Putting an end to all floating rumors of a possible lockdown, Telangana's Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar said the government is not of the opinion of a lockdown, not even a weekend clampdown. In what has surprised many, the Chief Secretary assured that the state has an adequate number of beds, oxygen cylinders, medicines to treat COVID patients.

To recall, the Telangana High Court had suggested the government think about the weekend lockdown. "We are considering the suggestion made by the high court, but we believe that it is of no use. The Covid19 cases have not come down in other states where complete lockdown is being implemented. In Telangana, situations and cases are under control and there is no need for lockdown," said the Chief Secretary.

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