She won't be back, but her soul can now rest in peace: Disha's parents

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  6 Dec 2019 8:37 AM GMT
She wont be back, but her soul can now rest in peace: Dishas parents

Hyderabad: Disha's family thanked the police and Telangana government on Friday, hours after the cops shot dead her alleged rapist-killers near the spot where her charred body was found. The police said they opened fire on the four men, who had been taken there for crime reconstruction, after they tried to escape.

"My daughter's soul will now rest in peace, though she won't come back. The police have sent out a strong message to those who even think of committing rape. It will now instil fears in their minds that if they ever touch a woman, they could face similar results," said Disha's father.

The grief-stricken father said they have had sleepless nights for the past week as they felt hounded by the images of Disha on TV. "We had to go to the hospital yesterday. My wife and daughter were given glucose drips, while I had to take sleeping pills. Our pain cannot be explained."

Other than poor support in the first few hours after Disha went missing, the police have been swift and very cooperative, said her father. "The police must react to every case that has been registered and punish the criminals. I hope they do justice to everyone."

It's commendable that the rapist-killers have been shot dead in nine days, said Disha's father as he repeatedly thanked the public, media, police and the state government for their overwhelming support. "I didn't expect the police to encounter them. We thought they would be hanged as per the law. We are happy that instant justice has been done. I thank everyone who supported us. The result is because of the huge furore. There must be a change from now on and incidents like this must not happen again."

Disha's mother said she was satisfied that justice has been done to their family. "I hope now she will rest in peace." She too thanked their colony residents, the police and media for their support. "I hope this doesn't happen to any girl. I had the feeling that justice won't be done because Nirbhaya's killers are still alive."

Sharing details of her last meeting with her daughter, Disha's mother said, "As she left for work, she said 'I will be back'. She didn't even eat anything that day. She's not back yet. She was a very caring girl who always wished for the wellbeing of everyone around her. Going to office and cooking were her routine."

Disha's mother said her daughter like a son to her. "I never imagined that she would die this way. I have slipped into depression. I've been thinking of my daughter all the time. How would we live from now on? Kids are supposed to cremate their parents. The opposite has happened here. There should be changes in the law. If someone rapes a girl, the person should be hanged then and there."

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