Hyderabad Shine hospital fire: Police arrests hospital MD for negligence

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Oct 2019 2:06 PM GMT
Hyderabad Shine hospital fire: Police arrests hospital MD for negligence

On Friday, Hyderabad police arrested the Managing Director of Shine Children’s Hospital, Dr V Sunil Kumar, besides four others whose alleged negligence led to a fire at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The fire, which originated in the refrigerator in the ward, killed a newborn and injured at least five children being treated at NICU.

Police found that shine children hospital's MD Dr Sunil Kumar failed to keep fire protection equipment, alarm system, and water sprinklers as per norms. He was also running the hospital without the necessary permission from the Director, Enforcement, Vigilance & Disaster Management, GHMC and without a NOC from the Fire Department.

Dr Hari Krishna, who was the duty doctor at the time of the incident, was found negligent in protecting the children. He did not reach the ward immediately when the fire and explosion occurred. Sravanthi, a nurse, was supposed to be on duty in NICU during the incident. However, she closed the door at 01.57 am and went away. Another nurse, Shanthi Deepika, who was the duty nurse in the Paediatric ICU, a neighbouring wing, did not bother to rescue the children in NICU. Basheer, the electrician, whose duty was to maintain all equipment in NICU from electric fire hazard, was found to have neglected his duty from preventing the malfunction of the refrigerator.

Police found that they were negligent, putting at risk the lives of 37 children undergoing treatment at the hospital, death of one, and severely injuring four. Police officials, bystanders and other attenders risked their lives to save the children, shifting them to other hospitals and preventing further loss of life.

Inquiries revealed that the hospital building is inadequate and unauthorised. The building, which was crowded with patients and visitors, didn’t have a second exit or any fire escape warning to direct panicking people.

Based on all evidence, the accused were arrested and produced before a Court on Friday. Further investigations are underway, said LB Nagar police officials. Here the news is all about shine childrens hospital MD arrested.

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