Stranded students, techies queue up seeking travel pass

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 March 2020 1:10 PM GMT
Stranded students, techies queue up seeking travel pass

Hyderabad: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day nation-wide lockdown from 24 March, people all over the country started lining up outside grocery stores and ATMs. Amidst this, several people gathered outside police stations in the city to get permission to travel back to their respective homes outside the city. The stranded public in Hyderabad were mostly techies and students.

At Chinthal in Balanagar, KPHB, and Madhapur, S.R Nagar people were seen standing in long queues outside police stations. As the queues grew longer, the police requested people to disperse and not gather in one place.

Mr. Sai Vaidhya, resident of Karimnagar, currently residing in S. R Nagar told NewsMeter, "We are three friends living in a single flat in Borabanda , all work in different organisations. Since we are away from home, we depend on outside food. However because of the lockdown, since two days the three of us are surviving on bread and jam. I have been trying hard to return home. On Wednesday, hundreds gathered before the police station for travel pass, but we were sent away'.

Videos of long queues went viral on Wednesday. Hundreds of students hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Benguluru who live in the city for education, employment queued up before KPHB, Madhapur police station, seeking travel pass. However they were dispersed as it encouraged social gathering.

An officer of the KPHB police stations told NewsMeter, "We would like to tell the people only one thing. If hostels ask you to vacate the rooms or ask you to leave or don't provide you food, please come to us. We will make sure necessary action is taken and arrangements for food and accommodation is made. But please don't come to us asking for permission to travel because that will increase public gathering and movement, which is strictly prohibited."

Toeing in line with the lockdown announced by the Prime Minister, the Telangana government has ordered a curfew like situation in the state.

Following several appeals made by students living in hostels about eviction, TRS Minister K T Rama Rao, has appealed to the city police to lend help.

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