Stray dog bites 30 people at Ameerpet

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 Jan 2020 4:55 PM GMT
Stray dog bites 30 people at Ameerpet

Hyderabad: In yet another incident showing how Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) have failed to control stray dogs, a stray dog suspected to be infected with rabies went on a biting spree at the busy Ameerpet area on Tuesday, leaving close to 50 persons including children with severe injuries. The male dog created terror in around two kilometers radius covering different thickly populated residential colonies at Ameerpet.

As the dog was moving uncontrolled while the students were coming back from school, many children became victims. After leaving the residents in horror for more than four hours, the dog was finally beaten to death by the residents.

However repeated calls to the GHMC helplines and its officials from the residents of the affected colonies fell on deaf ears, with no help arriving even after complaints of dog bites. Several people were admitted at Challa Nursing Home of Dharam karam road in Ameerpet and other nearby hospitals.

On Tuesday afternoon, the dog first attacked a group of people at Dharam karam road, after which it strayed into the neighboring localities targeting people randomly. It went on and reached the busy Satyam theater area, where it attacked a few people. It returned to Dharam karam road and attacked the students of the government high school.

The affected residents finally killed the dog using sticks and bricks. Had it not been killed, it could have also attacked the students of other schools located near the Government school. There are at least three private schools, two play schools and another government school within 300 meters radius. All the schools release children within a span of 15 minutes.

The dog if not stopped, could have also went towards the other schools and attacked them. Looking by the physical features of the dog and it drooling and frothing from the mouth and also its ferocious behaviour, it is suspected to have been affected by rabies.

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