Suicide of Army man turns into murder, Victim's wife and paramour held

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Sep 2019 8:40 AM GMT
Suicide of Army man turns into murder, Victims wife and paramour held

Visakhapatnam: The Vizag city police who were investigating an alleged suicide turned murder case, arrested three persons including a woman and her paramour for the murder of her husband, Dalli Satish Kumar (32), who was an Operator Hawaldar with the Indian Army.

Commissioner of Police, RK Meena said that the arrested are identified as Satish Kumar’s wife, Dalli Jyothi (26) and her paramour, S Bharat Kumar (24) and G Bhaskar Rao.

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Satish Kumar was a resident of Maddilapalem area in Vizag city and joined the Indian Army over 16 years ago. He was married to Jyothi, who is the daughter of a retired army man. The couple also has two sons together.

In August, Satish Kumar came to Vizag city on leave and spent a few days with his wife and family. On August 19, the MVP Colony Police received a complaint from Jyothi that her husband Satish Kumar had committed suicide by hanging, following a tiff with her in their home on the night of August 18.

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As the family members of Satish didn’t raise any doubts over his death, the police registered the case under Section 174 of CrPc (Unnatural death or Suicide). However, the Inspector of Police, Ch Shanmukha Rao grew suspicious after noticing Jyothi asking the police for the post mortem report and autopsy reports. She had also been making many phone calls to an individual named S Bharat Kumar.

The investigation revealed that while Satish Kumar was away on duty in Jammu and Kashmir, Jyothi had developed an affair with Bharath. When Satish’s mother and brother came to know about Jyothi’s affair, they informed Satish and asked him to visit Vizag. Satish came to Vizag city suspecting his wife’s fidelity and warned her about it. Jyothi then hatched a plan to kill her husband and requested the help of her paramour Bharat and his friend Bhaskar.

Bhaskar procured four sedative tablets (Nitrosum) and gave it to Jyothi. As per the plan, Jyothi gave sedative laced alcohol to her husband on the night of August 18 in their home. After consuming the drink, Satish became unconscious. Bharat and Bhaskar then entered the house and killed Satish Kumar by strangulation with Jyothi later staging the murder as a suicide.

During questioning, the trio admitted that they killed Satish Kumar as he warned both Jyothi and Bharat and also objected to their illicit affair. "Jyothi said that she wanted to continue the affair with Bharat and so eliminated her husband with the help of her paramour and Bhaskar," said RK Meena.

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