Superwomen of Mahabubnagar step up to help police enforce lockdown orders

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  2 April 2020 12:47 PM GMT
Superwomen of Mahabubnagar step up to help police enforce lockdown orders

Hyderabad: Two women, with scarves tied around their faces, stand on the roads with lathis, stopping people who are out on the roads defying the government's lockdown orders.

Amidst a nationwide 21-day lockdown to prevent the spread of Corona virus, people have been instructed to isolate themselves and come out only to buy essential items. The police have been monitoring the situation to ensure that people stay indoors and follow the lockdown guidelines. However, there have been instances of people violating quarantine norms or violating government orders. The two women from Telangana's Mahabubnagar have come forward to help the police enforce the lockdown, which entered its ninth day on 2 April, in rural areas.

The two women stand in the scorching heat every day trying to ensure that no vehicles are seen on the roads. They have been helping the police promote "community watch". Appreciating their efforts, Mahabubnagar police took to Twitter to praise their selfless work and wrote, "The superwomen of Mahabubnagar who help police officers to promote "Community watch" to enforce #lockdown in rural villages. #IndiafightsCorona."

The DGP of Telangana police also praised the efforts of the women who are determined to fight the pandemic. "#MeanwhieInTelangana She is no lesser than any #OndutyOfficers, whether it can be a Police, Doctor, Sanitary officer, The #Inspiringwomen from #MahabubnagarDist, who are on #FrontLineWarning determined to put a perfect check for #Covid19Spread & unnecessary roaming locals," he tweeted.

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