Swine flu kills retired employee in Medak; affects 49 people in 2 months

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  21 Feb 2020 9:22 AM GMT
Swine flu kills retired employee in Medak; affects 49 people in 2 months

Hyderabad: Even as the world is grappling with ways and means to combat the deadly Coronavirus, the equally feared swine flu has affected around 49 persons in the last two months and has killed a retired employee in Medak.

It is presumed as summer progresses, the effect of the virus will reduce. But this time around, the situation is different. Around 17 swine flu cases have been reported in January and 32 in this month.

As patients with fever, cold, cough, breathing problems visited hospitals for possible Coronavirus, they were diagnosed with swine flu. It happened with two patients in Rangaredy district and a father and his daughter. A total of 12 people have been admitted in Gandhi Hospital.

A pregnant woman from Warangal also had come to the hospital and was diagnosed with swine flu on Tuesday night. She gave birth to a baby on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Dharani Dharaswamy, a retired employee from Medical and Health department died on Wednesday of swine flu. His mortal remains were not even taken to his home and were cremated near Siddipet. On knowing this, a staff member from the medical department went to the area where Dharaswamy used to live and checked whether any of them had any symptoms of swine-flu.

Pregnant women more vulnerable

Swine-flu is contagious and spreads from one person to another very fast. When a person with H1N1 virus sneezes or coughs, those near the individual can get infected. Pregnant women, children and senior citizens, whose immune systems are weak are more likely to get it. Once an individual notices initial symptoms, they should get themselves checked and not take it casually as the infection has chances of increasing.

In a similar case, two employees working in SAP India were tested positive for H1N1 Virus. On knowing the same, the organization closed its offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram and Mumbai. The employees have been told to work from home from February 20-28.

Speaking on the increase in swine flu cases, Dr Sandeep, Pulmonologist, Care Hospitals, said "H1N1 virus is found in the air throughout the year. But it affects more in winter. People with low immunity are the first ones to get affected. This virus generally does not stay for much time when the temperature is from 35-40°c. As the weather has not reached those levels yet, people should be careful.

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