Telangana BJP gets new commander-in-chief, MP Bandi Sanjay made President

By Coreena Suares  Published on  11 March 2020 12:33 PM GMT
Telangana BJP gets new commander-in-chief, MP Bandi Sanjay made President

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP which is still celebrating its inroads in states politics by winning four crucial Lok Sabha seats gets a new commander-in-chief. The saffron party has appointed first time MP from Karimnagar district Bandi Sanjay as its president to led in Telangana.

Unlike its previous president Dr K Laxman who could not secure a win in the legislative polls, the new appointee comes across as more vociferous. The move indicates the BJP in Telangana envisages to rise to be the main opposition, especially after the age-old congress rapidly losing grounds.

MP Bandi Sanjay a postgraduate by education and known as a hardcore “Hindutva” leader in Telangana BJP, he has sparked several controversies. He has been in the news more often for his tik-for-tak speeches against the AIMIM and the TRS party. The MP was seen leading the party during the alleged communal violence at Bhainsa town of Telangana and played a role in holding a protest in support of the agitating RTC employees.

In another incident involving him, was when Karimanagar Collector Sarfaraz Ahmed snowballed into a controversy. The bureaucrat was shown the door, weeks after leaked audio between him and BJP MP Bandi Sanjay went viral, the officer was transferred on December 16th.

In November this year, a 1.35-minute phone conversation between Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar and Collector Sarfaraz Ahmed suggested that the parliamentarian is conspiring to get TRS minister Gangula Kamalakar disqualified as an MLA.

It is alleged that the saffron party MP was trying to get Gangula disqualified on the grounds of expenditure beyond the limit set by the Election Commission (EC) during the assembly poll campaign in December 2018.

Six criminal cases booked against Bandi Sanjay:

The MP is facing six criminal cases. He is booked for house trespass, intimidation, bribery and misappropriation of funds possessed by the deceased person. Karimnagar police and two by Sircilla have booked four cases. The new president has not faced conviction.

Bandi Sanjay most regular to parliament but asked least questions.

In Telangana, BJP MP Sanjay Kumar Bandi from Karimnagar is the most regular among the state’s MPs with 97% attendance. But he falls in the list of MPs for asking the least number of questions.

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