Hyderabad: The Women and Child Welfare Department of Telangana has launched a toll-free number for disabled and senior citizens to provide them essential commodities as well as medical assistance during the 21-day lockdown.
The minister for disabled and senior citizens, Koppula Eashwar, launched the toll-free numbers 14567 for senior citizens, 1800-572-8980 for the disabled, and 104 for medical emergencies.

Mr Eashwar also released awareness booklets and audio-videos materials regarding precautions to be taken to protect oneself from Corona virus. He also appealed to the people to co-operate with the police and medical staff working to fight the pandemic.

Apart from these, a new app, One Big Family, was also launched to help senior citizens in the city. The app will deliver groceries and medicines to the elderly as they are most vulnerable to the disease. Other than that, many good Samaritans in Hyderabad have also come ahead to help the elderly people in the city.

People in different cities are stepping up during these trying times to help those in need. Many in Pune and Mumbai have come forward to assist senior citizens. Friends at Senior citizens from Pune can be contacted at 9422517939 or 9822981267 for medical emergencies and food deliveries.

Kolkata Police has launched a helpline 9830088884 in the city. Anuj Sharma, the commissioner of Kolkata police, tweeted, “Many fellow Kolkatans who live abroad hv elderly relatives in Kolkata. Please contact us in need & we will do all we can to ensure your family stays healthy & safe. We will fight this battle together (sic).”

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