Hyderabad: The latest development in the brutal daylight murder of advocate couple, Gattu Vaman Rao and Nagamani, is an audio clip. The audio clip contained a conversation through phone between Nagamani and DCP Peddapalli Ravinder. The clip showed Nagamani speaking to the DCP about the dispute and the threats they were facing from Srinu and others, a few hours before the brutal murder.

Nagamani was heard saying that they called 100 for assistance five times, but since there was no response, she had to call the DCP directly and present the facts about the situation. In response, the DCP was heard saying that police cannot give protection at all temples and advised her to approach the endowments department or call for a panchayat meeting and pass a resolution citing that it was a village issue and the police cannot intervene.

The 4.18 minutes clip has now gone viral on social media, questioning police response that led up to the incident.

Nagamani was heard asking DCP that if a quarrel had taken place in the village and people are attacked, would the police not come? In the audio clip, Nagamani complained to the DCP about the temple issue and he suggested she let the temple committee take a decision on the issue.

"Kunta Srinivas along with around 50 of his henchmen barged into the temple and created a nuisance. He is not accepting the temple committee's opinion," she was heard saying in the clip.

The DCP replied by asking her to approach the court. When she told that the sarpanch had already complained to the police commissioner about the issue, the DCP said that the issue is not related to the police and they have to take a legal course. "We instructed the field staff to go to the spot only when there is a quarrel. It is not necessary that we should come for every quarrel. The presence of a constable is the same as our presence," he was heard saying.

When she asked him if people were killed, will the police continue to think the same, then the DCP told her that the force can't give protection at every temple and disconnected the call.

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