Hyderabad: Sai Charan, the head of the pharmaceutical firm Consemen Healthcare Private Ltd, has been actively involved in Hyderabad and Telugu states, helping COVID-19 patients find beds and other resources. At present, he is taking a sabbatical from work to devote his time to attend SOS calls from COVID-19 patients and their attendants. Through his work, many people have gotten to know him.

A person impersonating Sai Charan is cheating people and collecting money in the guise of helping them arrange for COVID-19 resources.

Last year, a similar thing had happened to Sonu Sood when a person impersonating the actor had duped a resident of the Cyberabad commissionerate area.

Many people who are seeking medical help tag Sai Charan on Twitter. "Someone saw that I had been tagged in one of the posts on Twitter for medicine help. The person then called the patient's family, pretending to be me. Later, he demanded money to provide medicine. The family gave the money to the impersonator," said Sai Charan.

He added that he only helps people find beds in hospitals. "If someone tags me in a post or calls me for medicine, I connect them to the distributors. I don't take money from them. I am not part of any social service organization and hence do not ask for donations. If someone asks for money in my name please report them," he said.

He also said that he had managed to get the contact details of the fraudster from the person who was cheated. "I called the number. Someone from Warangal picked up the phone and said he had neither impersonated me nor cheated the patient. One of his acquaintances had taken his phone. He said the person has returned the money to the patient. I don't know how many people he has cheated," said Sai Charan.

He added that he will file complaints with the cybercrime cell.

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