Hyderabad: The Telangana IPS Association has strongly condemned the statements made by BJP-Telangana president and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar in connection with Bhainsa Communal clashes.

A small town in the Nirmal district of Telangana witnessed communal classes on the 7th of March which left 12 persons injured, including police personnel. It all started when one Rizwan who was walking with his friends Sameer and Minaj in Zulfiqar Gully near Zulfiqar mosque, was hit by - Thota Mahesh and Dattu Patel. By then, the violence had spread to other parts of the town. People from the two communities pelted each other with stones which led to the burning of vehicles, houses, and shops in the Panjesha Masjid area, Korba Gully, Cloth Merchant Road, Purana Bazar, and Market Road areas.

In connection with the Bhainsa clashes, BJP President came hammer and tongs on the Telangana police accusing them of bias investigation. The parliamentarian alleged that the police was trying to protect a certain group.

Responding to the allegations, the association in its statement issued on 17th March said that it is unfortunate that a senior leader like Bandi made such allegations against Police in general and IPS officers in particular. "Police officers are bound by the law and take necessary steps for the preservation and restoration of communal harmony", the Association said.

The IPS association also adds that whenever and wherever communal harmony is disturbed resulting in communal conflict, if not handled and controlled swiftly, it can snowball into a major public order problem, posing a serious threat and challenge to communal harmony.

The association asserts that the police officers concerned took all the necessary steps in Bhainsa, within the ambit of law, to control the conflict and restore the peace in the area. "The police officer acted impartially and only in the interest of law and order & public safety,"

"Casting aspersions on the Police Officers, who acted as per the law in such a dire situation will lead to lawlessness and anarchy in the society, emboldening the offenders to take the law into their hands and indulge in large scale violence resulting in the breakdown of law and order," said Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police and IPS Officers' Association secretary.

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