Covid-19: Centre to supply 21,500 Remdesivir vials to Telangana, 59,000 to Andhra

The spike in COVID19 cases has resulted in an increase in the demand for Remdesivir.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  22 April 2021 3:45 AM GMT

Hyderabad: Centre will supply 21,500 Remdesivir injection vials to Telangana and another 59,000 to Andhra Pradesh.

Maharashtra, which has the highest case of Coronavirus, will receive 2,69,200 vials.

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in coordination with the department of pharmaceuticals has made an interim allocation of Remdesivir for 19 States/UTs up to April 30, 2021.

Remdesivir is being used investigational therapy drug given in acute and severe versions of COVID-19 where oxygen support is a must. This allocation pertains to 14 States to which medical oxygen is allocated and 5 other states where a high volume of supplies are being observed.

The allocation includes bulk purchases made by the states as well as supplies through private distribution channels. This initial allocation is dynamic and will be reviewed constantly in consultation with the states to ensure all needs can be met within the available supplies.

The spike in COVID19 cases has resulted in an increase in the demand for Remdesivir. The states have been advised to promote the judicious use of the drug which is listed as Investigational Therapy. Health Ministry has also asked the states to take action against hoarding and black marketing of the drug.

Keeping in mind the sudden surge in demand in the country for Remdesivir Injection, the manufacturing capacity has been ramped up in the country. All support is being extended to manufacturers by the government.

The production capacity is being ramped up from a current level of 38 lakh vials per month to 74 lakh vials per month, and 20 additional manufacturing sites have been approved. Export of Remdesivir has also been prohibited from April 11, 2021, in order to shore up domestic supplies.

Meanwhile, Telangana minister for industries and commerce K.T Rama Rao on Wednesday said after discussions with several manufacturers, arrangements have been made to deliver more than four lakh vials to government hospitals within a week.

The sudden shortage of Remdisivir in Telangana has triggered panic among the people. While black marketing gangs are making the most of this shortage, people are shelling out huge amounts for the drug.

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