Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao, on 31 December, said that the Dharani Portal, which was launched to ensure that farmers do not face problems while selling, purchasing, or registering agriculture lands, is giving the desired results.

The Chief Minister held a high-level review meeting at Pragathi Bhavan on Thursday regarding the maintenance of the Dharani Portal and measures to be taken to improve its performance.

During the meeting, he said that farmers are able to register, sell, and purchase and get the mutations within minutes without bribing any one, using any influence, or running from pillar to post around the offices. KCR said that in two months, 1.6 lakh people booked slots and of them, 80,000 have already completed their registrations. He said there are 90 per cent of farmers who hold less than five acres of land in the state and the government's aim is to make sure that these farmers complete the registration of their land and mutations without any problem.

KCR announced that if there were some uncertainties regarding the agriculture lands, the district collectors will solve them in two months. He also said that the portal will have more options and it will go through some more improvements.

KCR's instructions to officials to improve portal

He said that under the aegis of district collectors, mutations should be done to the lands registered based on the registered documents before the Dharani Portal came into force. For this, accept applications through Mee Seva and allot the slots, KCR told officials. He instructed collectors to examine the application for regularisation of Sada Bainamas and finalise the ownership rights. As per the regularised Sada Bainamas land, the details should be registered on Dharani Portal and Pattadar Passbooks issued, he said, adding that under the supervision of collectors, tribunals should be formed in each district to settle the cases of the revenue courts.

KCR said that except for those pending in courts, the collectors should solve all the problems within 60 days for all lands which were put under part B during the comprehensive land records survey. If need be, the collectors should undertake field inquiries and take decisions and finalise the ownership rights, he added.

In areas where Act 1/70 has not been implemented, cases booked under the Act should be solved and in areas where it is under implementation, measures should be taken to safeguard the land rights of the local STs, the CM told officials. The collectors should inquire about the discrepancies on Sethwar and take a final decision, he said.

At some places the government and private lands have the same survey number and those survey numbers are put in the prohibited list (22/A). The collectors should inquire about these lands and decide which is government land and which is private and put up the details on Dharani Portal and issue passbooks, the CM instructed.

Changes and additions about land details on the Dharani Portal should be made based on the verdicts given by the courts and tribunals under the collectors, he further told officials and also directed them to provide facilities to register lease agreements through the portal.

Register details of lands converted through NALA and issue proceedings and provide facility on the Dharani Portal to register agreement of sale cum GPA, KCR said. He asked officials to allow registration of agriculture land sale deeds and exchange deeds through the portal and give an opportunity to companies, firms, and other institutions to be set up in agriculture lands to sell or purchase the lands through Dharani Portal immediately. Also, KCR asked officials to give NRIs an opportunity to get lands registered in their names by registering their passport number. Provide facility to take print-outs of EC and market value certificates, he added.

The CM directed officials to allow people to book a slot for another day if they are unable to come on the day the slot was allotted. In case the slot is cancelled, refund the money, he told them. The officials were also instructed to allow people to correct the information before registration if the information was not properly given at the time of booking the slot. They were also told to provide an option under the 'consenting party' category to have names of the legal heirs recorded in the registration document.

If the lands are registered under the names of minors and guardians, issue pattadar passbooks to both the minor and the guardian, KCR told officials while also directing them to transfer the land assigned by the government to the legal heirs if the allottee farmer dies. Give facility to obtain a true copy of the pattadar passbook if the original one was lost, he further added.

KCR also said that under no circumstance should the officials register tank lands, FTL lands, Wakf lands, forestlands, and endowment lands to private persons or parties.

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