Digital survey of agricultural lands to start soon in Telangana: KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Thursday announced to conduct the digital survey of the agricultural lands in the state.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 Feb 2021 4:31 AM GMT
Digital survey of agricultural lands to start soon in Telangana: KCR

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Thursday announced to conduct the digital survey of the agricultural lands in the state.

Expressing happiness over the Dharani Portal, KCR instructed the officials concerned to invite tenders for the proposed survey.

The CM said that due to the new Revenue Act, complete changes have taken place in the revenue department. In this backdrop, a Job Chart would be prepared for the officials about their duties and responsibilities.

"Thanks to Dharani Portal, corruption has been eradicated in the Revenue Department. Justice has been done to farmers who otherwise have no voice. The anarchic way of registering one person's land on another name came to an end. The bad tradition of having land litigations and skirmishes over them also ended. The evil trend of swindling the documents and the hardships faced by people in the name of Revenue Courts also came to an end," he said.

KCR noted that the state government, for the first time in the country, as never before in history, did three years of detailed exercise and brought in the new Revenue Act. "Registrations and Mutations are being done in a very transparent way, without giving any chance for corruption. The entire sale and purchase of land are being done smoothly without any confusion and chaos. Registrations are done only based on the seller and purchaser's Biometric and Aadhar identification," he said.

The chief minister said only those lands registered in Dharani Portal can be sold or purchased. "Only those lands can be given to others through hereditary rights or by gift deeds. Due to stringent methods put in place by the government, no one can even manipulate the records and make changes. Even the CCLA or CS cannot tamper with the records. Everything is done on a system-driven method and without any human interface and registrations are being done. Farmers are very happy with the new system. But some are not been able to digest the way the system is working perfectly. They are spreading canards about the Dharani portal. They are talking unnecessary things and matters," he said.

KCR said people who used to make money by raking up unnecessary problems and often indulged in settling the matters are upset that they have no opportunity to make easy money. "They are the ones who are creating doubts and trying to confuse people. But people should not get confused. A section of the press is indulging in spreading wrong reports and baseless stories. The Collectors should respond on such reports and issue clarifications," he said

The CM said several problems and issues with regard to the agricultural lands in the state have been solved due to the Comprehensive Land Records Survey, issue of new Passbooks, Dharani portal, and other such reforms.

"The remaining few problems will also be solved after the digital survey. As I have announced on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, very soon digital survey will be held state-wide. We will give Coordinates to each land. Nobody can alter these coordinates nor tamper or can create confusion with the records anymore. In fact, the digital survey should have taken place by now. It was stopped due to Corona Pandemic. The digital survey will begin very soon. Once the survey is done, clarity will come on all the issues. The boundary disputes among farmers' lands, between government and forestlands, between forestlands and private lands, will be finalized," he said.

KCR assured that there will be a solution to Podu Lands too. "In 3 to 4 months all issues will be resolved. Since the coordinates will not change there will not be any future boundary disputes. In the countries where the land records are proper, they have achieved 3 to 4 percent GDP growth. The government is ready to have such revolutionary change," he said.

The CM said the revenue department's setup has also changed after the new laws. "In the past, the Revenue and the department were identified for collecting taxes. Now there is no collection of tax and moreover, the government is giving Rs 10,000 per acre under Rythu Bandhu Scheme every year. Hence the name Revenue has no meaning now. There is a chance of changing the name. Due to Dharani Portal, Digital Survey, and other such factors, maintenance of the land records, registrations, and mutations will be done easily without the involvement of the officials. Farmers who are busy with their cultivation need not run around the Tahsildar offices. This is the main aim of the Dharani Portal. Hence, there is a need to bring in changes in the revenue department," he said.

KCR said a job description will be prepared soon for the employees of the revenue department. "What are the duties of Revenue Inspector, Tahsildar and RDO? There will be clarity on this. The government will utilize the services of revenue officials the places they can be employed," he said

The CM said if farmers have any problems and doubts, they can apply to the Collectors. "The Collectors should accept the applications and examine them and solve them based on the guidelines given by the Chief Secretary," he said.

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