An emotional former Telangana Health Minister Eatala Rajender held a mirror up to chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao asking him to do some course correction because nobody is happy with him.

"Will you be in power for 1000 years? Yesterday's election results show the effect of public anger. They are the final judges. Let me tell the CM that no minister is wholeheartedly supporting him. Nobody is with him out of respect. I know your working style and how you treat those who differ from you. Individuals or parties are not permanent, system is permanent," Eatala said.

Accusing KCR of threatening him, he said nobody can cow him down. "You threatened me with all these tricks. Let me tell, you can't scare me… How does it befit a leader of your stature and background to use all powers under your command to target a small man like Eatala. Calling all public representatives from the Narsapur area and planning such things, does not give you respect or send a good message across Telangana. You are the CM, you can register cases against me and even arrest me. You have become CM as per the law. But nobody has the right to violate or bypass the law," he said.

Challenging the chief minister, he urged him to probe into the land grabbing by powerful people for constructing a road leading to his farmhouse.

"If you stand by the truth, tell people who control thousands of acres of assigned lands. Lands are in the control of big shots. Roads to your farmhouse are made through several villages on assigned lands," he said.

Demanding an independent probe into the land grab charges, he said Jamuna Hatcheries are owned by his wife Jamuna, son, and son-in-law.

"My poultry farm is run by my wife, a woman entrepreneur. The report also says Jamuna. Allegations about chopping off trees are baseless. Over 5-acre land is barren. There is no public movement at all. And a report is submitted that 66 acres of land have been grabbed. I have purchased land long ago and now its value is in crores. You stay in a farmhouse and should know how land rates increase. I demand an independent probe. But the collector, revenue, and all departments will give a report as desired by you and they will book a case as you want. Till now I have not received collector's report and not sought explanation on it," he said.

He challenged KCR to prove that he has been involved in any business deals while being in the government. "Prove if Eatala has earned money after started working with you. I am liable to be punished if I have purchased assigned lands or erected sheds. Please do not resort to such cheap tricks. Even if you do, Eatala is not afraid and ready to face it," he said.

Recalling his association with KCR, he said he worked with him for 19 years after joining TRS in 2002 in the presence of Madhusudana Chari in Mulug.

"In 2004, I won from Kamalapur. In 2008 as per party decision, I resigned. I contested 16 times and won seven times. I won with the highest margin. KCR himself admitted this. It was an honor when I was appointed floor leader in the assembly. As a leader in the assembly or as a minister, I never blamed the government or KCR. I always shielded him," he said

During agitation, he said, when OU students were surrounded by 5000 cops, he went in disguise and convinced them to withdraw the protest. "I cared two hoots when Nayeem threatened to kill me. You always called me your brother. What happened in a day that I became a devil? Please at least treat me as a human being. Human relations are important," he said.

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