Hyderabad: The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to ensure that the Non-agriculture lands and properties registrations are done in a very transparent manner, without any official having any discretionary powers and people are not forced to pay any bribes.

The CM instructed the officials to prepare and finalise guidelines, rules for the registration. The CM appointed a Cabinet Sub Committee under R&B Minister Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy's chairmanship to interact with all sections regarding finalizing the guidelines on Non-agriculture lands and properties registration.

The CM instructed the Cabinet Sub Committee to hold talks with the Builders, Real Estate businessmen, and other sections of the society for three to four days, take their views into consideration and prepare the strategy and action plan.

The CM has expressed satisfaction that the farmers are happy to get the land registered through the Dharani Portal after getting over the initial small hiccups. The CM is also happy that the agriculture land registrations are done through Dharani in a smooth and easier manner to the satisfaction of the farmers. The CM wanted a similar process for the registration of the non-Agriculture lands and properties.

"Due to various reasons registration is stopped for 70 to 80 days creating some difficulties. There should not be any further delay now. There is a need to have a registration process, which should be simple, easy and comfortable. Real estate Sector is doing very well in Hyderabad," said the Chief Minister.

He also added that the non-Agriculture lands and properties registration system should not create any problem for the Real estate sector and it should help the sector's further growth. The process should be transparent in such a way that people have no scope to pay any bribes. No officer should have any discretionary rights to take any decision.

The CM asked the Cabinet Sub Committee to dwell at length on these issues and submit a report."

"The Poor have constructed their houses without any proper documents. They are getting the Electricity Bill, Property tax and water Tax. Problems are cropping up when such properties are purchased or sold. There must be a solution to such problems," the CM said.

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