Hyderabad: Shiva Prasad, an environmental engineer in Suryapet district of Telangana, created acupressure tiles using recycled plastic. These tiles have been laid at the resource park in Suryapet.

These are made from waste plastic covers that have been collected from households, open land areas, streets and water bodies. After that, it is cleaned at the Dry Resource Collection Centre (DRC). The collected plastic waste is cleaned and dried for further processing. After cleaning, the plastic is sent through the granule machine processing.

Speaking to NewsMeter Shiva Prasad explained,"During my morning walks, I found cattle feeding on plastic waste dumped in open .After weeks of research on how to deal with plastic waste, I was introduced to an idea of turning it into tiles and bricks. But not any ordinary tiles, but for acupressure. These tiles are made of waste plastic covers, collected from households and open land and garbage bin. Small stone / rubber granules are used to compress the plastic with the help of an iron frame of a brick size.

The granules are sold to plastic manufacturers where they are shaped and used as bricks and tiles to be used for different purposes. Iron frames are used to shape the heated plastic granules into bricks.

"The bricks are not only used for garden purposes but also for acupressure for stress relief and blood circulation," said Shiva Prasad.

He added that sanitation workers will benefit by using these recycled tiles. Satyanarayana, Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, complimented Shiva Prasad on his innovation and it would be sent for an award under the "Innovation" category by ULBs for Swachh Survekshan 2021.

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