First 'Oxygen Express' carrying five tankers reaches Telangana

The Oxygen Express loaded with five tankers which commenced its journey from Angul in Odisha reached Telangana on Sunday.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 May 2021 5:22 AM GMT
First Oxygen Express carrying five tankers reaches Telangana

Hyderabad: The Oxygen Express loaded with five tankers which commenced its journey from Angul in Odisha reached Secunderabad on Sunday.

The five empty tankers were sent from Secunderabad (Secunderabad Cantonment Military Siding) on 28 April 2021. These tankers after getting filled with Liquid Oxygen have commenced their journey back to Secunderabad along with the Oxygen Express. The five tankers are together carrying 124.26 MT Tonnes of oxygen.

The Liquid Oxygen being transported in these tanks is a cryogenic cargo that has many limitations like the maximum speed at which it can be carried, maximum acceleration & deceleration and loading restrictions. The South Central Railways said that the Route Mapping of the train along with the green corridor is done taking into consideration these factors including ensuring adequate clearance along the route in terms of curves, RUBs, and FOBs.

The Oxygen Express trains have been started by the Indian Railways to provide safe, secure, hassle-free, and fast transportation of Oxygen to the different parts of the country during these critical times.

Under this initiative, the road tankers (both empty as well as loaded) are transported by the railways through Ro-Ro (Roll on - Roll Off) service. The Oxygen Express trains are operated at the request of the State Governments. While the States provide the tankers, the Railways undertake to bring the Oxygen supplies to the requisitioning State in the fastest feasible mode.

Accordingly, SCR has been operating these trains to meet the needs of the States. The Zone has operated two empty Oxygen Express trains from Secunderabad, while the first train had 05 empty tankers, the second train was sent with 04 empty tankers (on 30/04/21). Now, the first train has commenced its journey back from Angul with Liquid Oxygen-filled tankers.

"SCR has assured that the Railways will continue to provide utmost priority to the running of the Oxygen Express trains. Any request received on this front will be immediately processed so as to operate the trains at the earliest. He advised all Officers and Staff to maintain continuous monitoring of the movement of this train along the green corridor," said Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railways.

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