Hyderabad: Fuel price increase, lockdown, and pending dues are the major causes for the recurring losses of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), officials told Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao

Officials said that if the salaries of TSRTC employees are increased, it would cause a heavy financial burden on the TSRTC. "Unless the government extends major financial assistance and the ticket prices are raised, the financial burden of the RTC cannot be reduced," they told KCR.

Officials said last time ticket prices were increased when diesel was selling at Rs 67 per liter. "But within a short time, the diesel price has increased by Rs 15 per liter. This had a very adverse impact on TSRTC and increased its financial burden. TSRTC incurred losses due to the lockdown. As of date, there is a heavy burden of dues. Under these circumstances, salaries of the employees in RTC are to be increased. If the salaries are increased then it would be more burden on the RTC," they said.

Officials said TSRTC is not in a position to bear that burden. "Hence, the state government should extend more financial assistance. Bus fares should be increased. Unless these two measures are taken, RTC will not be able to come out of the crisis," they said.

Officials however hastened to add that compared to the past, TSRTC is in a good position now. "With help from the state government and several measures taken in the RTC, there is a qualitative change in the RTC. Plying buses to AP has yielded a good result. The occupancy rate went up to 58 percent. This is gradually increasing. This is getting Rs 9 crore profit every day. The situation will be much better in the days to come. But the increase in diesel rates is causing losses to the RTC. Losses incurred due to lockdown and dues are still a financial burden on the TSRTC," they said.

KCR congratulated the RTC officials for successful cargo services. The CM said through Cargo services the TSRTC transported 17.72 lakh parcels to the destination and earned Rs 22.61 crore.

The CM said that people are also happy with the Cargo services and congratulated Cargo services Special Officer Krishna Kanth.

KCR said people have developed faith that the parcels sent through TSRTC Cargo will reach the destination on time. He said that delivering the parcels in remote areas is laudable. The CM wanted TSRTC to serve people and passengers with the same spirit.

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